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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Elayne become angry?
(a) Because the Wilders will not give them the Bowl of the Winds.
(b) At the intense questioning Reanne puts her and Nynaeve through.
(c) Because Nynaeve is giving the Wilders too much information.
(d) Because the Wilders refuse to consider coming to Salidar.

2. What is Alviarin trying to do in the White Tower?
(a) Take over command.
(b) Clear out any Darkfriends.
(c) Recruit more Darkfriends.
(d) Pit one Ajah against the other.

3. Where does Setalle offer to take Elayne and Nynaeve?
(a) To meet with the Sea Folk.
(b) To where the Bowl of Winds is hidden.
(c) To a place where they can be safe.
(d) To meet with Queen Tylin.

4. What does Elaida learn about the capture of Rand?
(a) They have not yet been able to effect a capture.
(b) The capture is not mentioned by the reporting Aes Sedai.
(c) It was successful and he was on his way to the White Tower.
(d) It turned out badly for the White Tower.

5. What are Elayne and Nynaeve doing?
(a) Arguing.
(b) Sleeping in order to enter the dream world.
(c) Making some angreal.
(d) Waiting for Birgitte.

6. When do the dice start rolling in Mat's head again?
(a) On the third day after he moves onto the ship.
(b) When he passes a large, vacant building near the shipyards.
(c) On the third day after he moves into the palace.
(d) It has not started again in his head.

7. About what does Lan tell Matt concerning Moghedien?
(a) Her attack on Lan as he was saving Nynaeve.
(b) Her killing of Beslan.
(c) Her plans to gain the Bowl of Winds before Elayne's group.
(d) Her attack on Nynaeve.

8. Why do many of the women in the circle start to weep?
(a) Because of the news that they will be given the opportunity to become Aes Sedai.
(b) Because the Seanchan are almost upon them.
(c) Because their leader has been captured by the Seanchan.
(d) Because their leader is dying.

9. Who is with Mat when Tylin stops him from going out?
(a) Elayne.
(b) Setalle.
(c) Nynaeve.
(d) Olver.

10. Where do some strange soldiers take Morgase?
(a) To meet with Lady Suroth.
(b) To meet with Rand.
(c) To be executed.
(d) To sign an agreement between Andor and the Seanchan.

11. What does a Darkfriend throw at Rand?
(a) A spear.
(b) A poison powder.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A knife.

12. Who rescues Nynaeve?
(a) Beslan.
(b) Elayne.
(c) Mat.
(d) Lan.

13. Who is the dancer who performs for Morgase?
(a) An Aes Sedai.
(b) The ruler of a kingdom Suroth has conquered.
(c) Morgase's cousin.
(d) Morgase's daughter.

14. Who surround Rand, Caraline, Min, and Darlin?
(a) Myrddraal.
(b) Dark Hounds.
(c) Aes Sedai.
(d) Aiel.

15. Where does Elayne go with some other Aes Sedai?
(a) To deal with the gholams.
(b) To meet with the Sea Folk.
(c) To meet with the Circle.
(d) To defeat the Seanchan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rand's group find when they travel through camp?

2. What does Mat offer Elayne?

3. What does Mat tell Elayne they are going to do after finding the Bowl of the Winds?

4. Who are allowed to come and go freely from the Seanchan camp?

5. What does Mat protest?

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