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Bowl of the Winds

Nynaeve and Elayne were sent to look for this item

Silver Foxhead Medallion

This is what Mat wears everywhere he goes; he even bathes with it on.

Crown of Swords

This previously had been called the Laurel Crown of Illian.


This is the name given to the group of women that are Wilders or have left the Tower.

White Tower

This is where the Aes Sedai live. It is here that Elaine lives and many of the Black Ajah are working in secret.

Black Ajah

This is a group that was thought to be a myth for many years. These are members of the Aes Sedai that have decided to swear fealty to the Dark One.

Travel Boxes

Sammael gives these to Sevanna and her people, claiming that they can help them to travel anywhere they want to go.


This is a...

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