A Crown of Swords Character Descriptions

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Rand al'Thor

This character is the main focus of the Wheel of Time series. He is what has been spoken of in ancient prophecies as the Dragon Reborn.

Mat Cauthon

This character has promised Rand that he would keep Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve safe. Egwene sends him off with Elayne and Nynaeve to hunt for an object called the Bowl of the Winds.

Min Farshaw

This character travels with Rand. Several men either look at or comment on this character's looks.

Elayne Trakand

This person is an Aes Sedai, although very young for one an d is accused by Reanne of being an impostor.

Nynaeve al'Meara

This character can only channel when angry for the first part of the book.

Perrin Aybara

This character is traveling with Rand in the beginning of the story, but soon he/she and Rand have a fight and Rand sends him/her...

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