Objects & Places from A Confederacy of Dunces

John Kennedy Toole
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Abelman's Dry Goods - This store is a 30-year retailer of Levy Pants products, currently claiming a recent shipment is defective. Needing to escape the depressing office, Levy orders Gonzalez to send a letter to them as usual. Earlier in the day, Ignatius notices a large rat eating their paperwork and forges a disjointed, unprofessional, and downright nasty letter.

Angola - The Louisiana State Penitentiary to which Jones repeatedly refers as being where black people are sent without justification.

The Board - This is Mrs. Levy's mechanized exercise apparatus that husband Gus despises as a symbol of her decadence and she uses as a means of diverting their fights.

The Charity Hospital - The Catholic-run institution offering medical care for indigents. Santa convinces Irene she should commit Ignatius to its psychological wing for treatment.

Fazio's Bowling Alley - The site of Irene Reilly's rebirth

Levy Pants Company...

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