A Confederacy of Dunces Character Descriptions

John Kennedy Toole
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Ignatius Jacques Reilly

He dresses comfortably in green hunting cap with earflaps, tweed trousers, plaid flannel shirt, muffler, and suede desert boots. He has full lips, a bushy black mustache, and hauntingly large eyes, one yellow and one blue.

Irene Reilly

Hard-working, arthritic, henna-haired and alcoholic, she drops out of school to help her immigrant mother at her seafood stand.

Angelo Mancuso

A father of three, he is a police officer desperately trying to keep his job. He is assigned to undercover work in a variety of demeaning disguises which ultimately land him in trouble.

Miss Trixie

Now in her 80s, she is dimwitted, somnambulant and savagely bitter. Her only goal is to retire but the people around her refuse to let her.

Myrna Minkoff

She is born and raised in the Bronx but escapes to New Orleans to attend college, using money bilked from her family.

Claude Robichaux

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