A Confederacy of Dunces Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Kennedy Toole
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Chapter 1

• The Reillys enter the dark, empty Night of Joy bar and Irene orders a round of drinks.

• In jail, Claude meets Jones, a young black man wearing sunglasses and blowing cigarette smoke. Jones says the police are throwing everyone in jail, blacks in particular.
• Before the desk sergeant, Angelo Mancuso explains he stopped a big, fat, suspicious-looking character but he escaped with his mother when Claude got in the way. The sergeant releases Claude into his daughter's custody.

• * The Reillys meet Dorian Greene. Ignatius argues with Dorian until Irene intervenes. She tells Dorian of their trouble with the police while Ignatius tells his bus story to Darlene, a blonde sitting at the bar.

• Irene tells Darlene that Ignatius "graduated smart" after 8 years in college. Now he just watches TV.

• Hearing Irene's story, Darlene tries to push Ignatius off his stool. Lana Lee orders the Reillys out of...

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