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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Bergmann wonder about Wendla in the first scene?
(a) She wonders if Wendla will survive her adolescence.
(b) She wonders what sort of mother Wendla will make.
(c) She wonders if Wendla is aware of her changing body.
(d) She wonders what Wendla will look like in a few years.

2. To whom does Bentley relate the masked man, especially in relation to summary of morality?
(a) Goethe.
(b) Wedekind.
(c) Faust.
(d) Brecht.

3. What sort of characters are the women in A Children's Tragedy?
(a) Primary characters.
(b) Stock characters.
(c) Secondary characters.
(d) Cameos.

4. According to the summary, who is raped in A Children's Tragedy?
(a) Moritz.
(b) Wendla.
(c) Melchior.
(d) Thea.

5. What did people find so offensive about A Children's Tragedy when it was first written?
(a) The sexual content.
(b) Wedekind's sexuality.
(c) Wedekind's political alliances.
(d) The criticism of Germany's role in Hitler's rise to power.

Short Answer Questions

1. How wide is Moritz's knowledge of maturation?

2. Why does Wendla complain about her new dress?

3. In what form does the play begin?

4. How does Moritz react when being told about sex?

5. Who starts to explain sex to Moritz in Act 1, Scene 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Mrs. Bergmann and Wendla deal with the girl's maturation in Act I, Scene 1?

2. How does Bentley describe Moritz and Melchior in relation to each other in his introduction?

3. Why is this play described as "coming-of-age?"

4. What conflicts does Bentley discuss were essential to Wedekind during the writing of "Spring Awakening"? Why?

5. What does Moritz reveal himself completely ignorant about in Act I, Scene 2?

6. What event does Bentley claim influence Wedekind? Why?

7. What thought does Wendla have that offends her mother? Where does it come from?

8. What is significant about the number sixty in relation to Moritz?

9. Describe the main theme of one of the characters that is pointed out as being a philosophy of Goethe.

10. What are Melchior's beliefs about good deeds, as related to Wendla?

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