Objects & Places from A Children's Tragedy

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Wendla's Dress

This object represents a female character's naïveté and desire to remain a little girl.

The Faculty Room

A troubled character learns that he is still passing in school here.


This is the name of a paper that one character writes to tell another character about the facts of life.

The Mirror on the Ceiling

This is an object featured in an artist's flat for the benefit of the artist's model.

The River

A character commits suicide here.

Moritz's Gun

This is a memento a young woman keeps to remind herself of a young man.

The Reformatory

A character is sent here as punishment, only to realize it is a terrible influence on that person.

Mother Schmidt's Abortion Pills

A female character dies in the play by this means.

The Vineyard

Two young men meet here to make love.

The Graveyard

This place is where...

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