A Children's Tragedy Character Descriptions

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Melchior Gabor

This character is highly intelligent and philosophical, but has a troubling belief in all actions being self-serving.

Moritz Stiefel

This character is suicidal and has moods that swing from extreme highs to extreme lows.

Wendla Bergman

This character is physically mature, though emotionally and mentally naive, with an apparent masochistic streak.

Mr. Gabor

This character finds out their child has had sex and convinces their spouse that they must send the child to reform school.

Mrs. Gabor

This character is an indulgent parent who would prefer to believe his or her child is an innocent when it comes to sex.

Rentier Stiefel

This character appears to be an unfeeling parent to their troubled child.

Mrs. Bergmann

This character is unable to handle thinking or speaking of sex, to the detriment of his or her naive daughter, who ends up pregnant.

Ina Müller

This character is...

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