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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dave's father do to ease Dave's burden in Chapter 6, While Father is Away?
(a) He gives Dave extra blankets.
(b) He drives Dave to school.
(c) He brings food to Dave in the middle of the night.
(d) He helps Dave with the dishes every night.

2. Where does Dave's mother have him sleep after she carves pumpkins with his brothers?
(a) In his father's bed.
(b) On the toilet.
(c) In the bathtub.
(d) In the garden.

3. What does Dave's mother do after Dave is stabbed?
(a) She calls her husband to help.
(b) She carries him to the garage and leaves him there.
(c) She props him up on the toilet and wraps his wound.
(d) She leaves him bleeding on the floor.

4. What does Dave's father promise him as they talk quietly together in Chapter 6, While Father is Away?
(a) He will bring food to Dave every day.
(b) He will have Mother locked up.
(c) He will force Mother to stop her abuse.
(d) Someday they will leave Mother's house.

5. What contest does Dave win in the fifth grade?
(a) The jump rope contest.
(b) The spelling bee.
(c) The rope climb.
(d) Naming the school newspaper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dave's frame of mind when he sees his father leaving for work in the morning?

2. How does Dave react when his father says goodbye to him?

3. What new torture does Dave's mother come up with when she sends him to clean the bathroom in Chapter 6, While Father is Away?

4. What changes about Dave's sleeping habits in Chapter 7, The Lord's Prayer ?

5. What does Dave manage to do when he is rescued?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Dave enters fifth grade, what is his frame of mind?

2. Explain why Dave's mother gives him roller skates for Christmas.

3. Describe the one time Dave had his prayers answered.

4. How does Dave feel about life in America, as outlined in the Epilogue?

5. Explain what Dave's mother does after he is stabbed.

6. Describe Dave's behavior in the classroom one a day during the winter of 1973.

7. Describe the people Dave encounters after he is rescued.

8. Describe where Dave brings his son in the Epilogue and his emotions at that time.

9. Dave goes to his father for help after being stabbed. What is his father's reaction?

10. Describe why Dave is so fascinated with a piece of driftwood that is washing ashore in the Epilogue.

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