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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What form of punishment does Dave get after his mother decides sitting in the corner is no longer effective?
(a) He has to write a hundred times that he is a bad boy.
(b) He has to remain silent for the entire day.
(c) He has to stand with his face pushed into the mirror, repeating over and over that he is a bad boy.
(d) He has to stand on a chair in the corner.

2. What new punishment does Dave's mother invent for him in Chapter 3, Bad Boy?
(a) No more television ever.
(b) No more snacks.
(c) No more pets.
(d) No bike riding.

3. What does Dave's mother tell the principal in Chapter 4, The Fight for Food?
(a) Dave is always falling down.
(b) Dave's brothers hurt him.
(c) Dave hurts himself and makes up wild stories.
(d) Dave gets into fights in the neighborhood.

4. What nickname does Dave's father use for him?
(a) Beanpole.
(b) Sonny.
(c) Tiger.
(d) Big Guy.

5. When Dave's mother receives the phone call from the authorities in Chapter 1, The Rescue, what is she told?
(a) That she should pick up Dave from school.
(b) That Dave got a detention.
(c) That Dave will be late getting home.
(d) That Dave is in the custody of the juvenile department.

6. How does Dave save himself from being forced to lie across the stove?
(a) He begs for forgiveness.
(b) He tells his mother that he loves her.
(c) He promises to be good.
(d) He stalls for time until his brother gets home.

7. How does Dave find food after being confined in the garage for hours in Chapter 4, The Fight for Food?
(a) He eats food left for the cat.
(b) He eats food that he hid in his pocket.
(c) He eats food out of the garbage can.
(d) He eats food from the freezer.

8. What is Dave's father's reaction to Dave's punishments?
(a) He forces Dave's mother to feed him.
(b) He tries to convince Dave's mother that she is too harsh.
(c) He holds Dave and comforts him.
(d) He doesn't do anything.

9. What does Dave's father eventually do when he keeps losing the arguments with his wife?
(a) He hides in the garage.
(b) He goes to bed.
(c) He sits and cries.
(d) He packs a bag and goes to work.

10. What does Dave's teacher, Miss Moss, start questioning him about?
(a) Why he doesn't take the bus.
(b) His mother's pregnancy.
(c) Why he doesn't do his homework.
(d) Why he is tired, the condition of his clothes, and his bruises.

11. By in Chapter 4, The Fight for Food, how is Dave treated by the rest of the family?
(a) They visit him when mother isn't looking.
(b) They do not acknowledge him.
(c) They sneak food to him.
(d) They feel sorry for him.

12. Where is Dave taken after the meeting in Mr. Hansen's office?
(a) To his father's workplace.
(b) Home.
(c) The police station.
(d) Back to his classroom.

13. Chapter 2, Good Times, what does Dave's mother tell Dave and his brothers they should always do?
(a) They should always say their prayers.
(b) They should go to college.
(c) They should always go to church.
(d) They should always do the best they can in everything.

14. Who does Dave show the scar on his chest to while he is in the principal's office?
(a) A policeman.
(b) The principal.
(c) The nurse.
(d) The teachers.

15. What is Dave's favorite place in Golden Gate Park?
(a) The beautiful flower gardens.
(b) The reflecting pool.
(c) The Steinhart Aquarium.
(d) The carousel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the favorite thing Dave's mother does for her family Chapter 2, Good Times?

2. When does Dave's mother start decorating for the Christmas holidays in Chapter 2, Good Times?

3. Where does Dave go when he finishes his chores after school?

4. What does Dave's mother force him to drink that burns the flesh from his mouth?

5. Who checks for new injuries on Dave every morning before school starts?

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