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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the favorite thing Dave's mother does for her family Chapter 2, Good Times?
(a) Creating new and exotic meals.
(b) Singing to them at bedtime.
(c) Washing and ironing their clothes.
(d) Praying with them before bed.

2. How does Dave get caught asking for food on the way to school?
(a) His brothers see him going up to houses.
(b) He accidentally goes to a house where a woman knows his mother.
(c) His father catches him at a neighbor's house.
(d) His mother sees him as she drives his brother's to school.

3. Who does Dave show the scar on his chest to while he is in the principal's office?
(a) The nurse.
(b) The principal.
(c) The teachers.
(d) A policeman.

4. Where does Dave's family live in Chapter 2, Good Times?
(a) In a three-bedroom house in El Paso.
(b) In a two-bedroom house in Daly City, outside of San Francisco.
(c) In a two-bedroom house in Los Angeles.
(d) In a three-bedroom house in San Francisco.

5. What is Dave's mother's reaction when she finds out he has been stealing lunches at school?
(a) She tapes his mouth shut.
(b) She makes him eat until he is sick.
(c) She makes him eat his food off the floor.
(d) She doesn't feed him all weekend.

6. In the beginning, how does Dave find out if he can come out of his room to play?
(a) His mother comes into the room to tell him.
(b) His brothers ask Mother.
(c) His brothers tell him it's okay.
(d) His brothers ask Father.

7. Why does Dave not mind running to school in the morning?
(a) He likes to stay in shape for the track team.
(b) He likes to get to school early and talk to the teachers
(c) He can get there early enough to steal food from other children's lunch bags.
(d) He can play tag with the other children in the schoolyard.

8. What is Dave's father's reaction to Dave's punishments?
(a) He tries to convince Dave's mother that she is too harsh.
(b) He doesn't do anything.
(c) He holds Dave and comforts him.
(d) He forces Dave's mother to feed him.

9. What is Dave's mother's biggest asset?
(a) Her determination.
(b) Her beauty.
(c) Her intelligence.
(d) Her love for her family.

10. How does Dave's relationship with his mother change in Chapter 3, Bad Boy?
(a) From discipline to punishment.
(b) From indifference to punishment.
(c) From punishment to leniency.
(d) From discipline to indifference.

11. How does Dave eventually get food at home in Chapter 4, The Fight for Food?
(a) He begs his mother for scraps.
(b) He takes it out of the garbage.
(c) He gets up at night and sneaks it out of the refrigerator.
(d) He begs his brothers for food.

12. In Chapter 2, Good Times, when does Dave's mom hug him, giving him a feeling of warmth and safety?
(a) When she wakes him up in the morning.
(b) Watching the sunset on the Russian River.
(c) When she tucks him into bed.
(d) When she listens to his bedtime prayers.

13. Chapter 2, Good Times, what does Dave's mother tell Dave and his brothers they should always do?
(a) They should always do the best they can in everything.
(b) They should always go to church.
(c) They should go to college.
(d) They should always say their prayers.

14. Where does Dave have to go while the rest of the family goes camping?
(a) To his Aunt Josie's house.
(b) To his uncle's house.
(c) To his grandmother's house.
(d) To stay with a neighbor.

15. What is Dave told after the phone call to his mother in Chapter 1, The Rescue?
(a) Dave should not make his mother angry.
(b) Dave is to blame for everything.
(c) Dave is going back to his mother.
(d) Dave is free.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of pets does Dave's family have Chapter 2, Good Times?

2. When Dave's mother receives the phone call from the authorities in Chapter 1, The Rescue, what is she told?

3. During the good years, when do the holidays begin for Dave's family?

4. Why does Dave grow to hate his father more than his mother?

5. What is Dave's mother's favorite weapon against him?

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