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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dave's favorite place in Golden Gate Park?
(a) The carousel.
(b) The beautiful flower gardens.
(c) The Steinhart Aquarium.
(d) The reflecting pool.

2. What is Dave's mother's reaction when she finds out he has been stealing lunches at school?
(a) She tapes his mouth shut.
(b) She doesn't feed him all weekend.
(c) She makes him eat his food off the floor.
(d) She makes him eat until he is sick.

3. Who does Dave show the scar on his chest to while he is in the principal's office?
(a) The teachers.
(b) The principal.
(c) A policeman.
(d) The nurse.

4. How does Dave's mother treat the other children who come to the house for Cub Scout meetings?
(a) Like kings.
(b) She is impatient with them.
(c) She doesn't speak to them.
(d) She tolerates them.

5. Chapter 2, Good Times, what does Dave's mother tell Dave and his brothers they should always do?
(a) They should always say their prayers.
(b) They should always go to church.
(c) They should go to college.
(d) They should always do the best they can in everything.

6. Once school starts again in Chapter 4, The Fight for Food, what is Dave's mother feeding him?
(a) Leftover cereal from his brothers and no dinner.
(b) Stale bread.
(c) No breakfast and a full dinner.
(d) Leftover cereal for breakfast and a regular dinner.

7. What do Dave and his family like to do in the springtime in Chapter 2, Good Times?
(a) Wash the windows.
(b) Plant the vegetable garden.
(c) Go on picnics.
(d) Visit the zoo.

8. Why isn't Dave allowed to get a ride to school with his brothers?
(a) He is no longer considered a member of the family.
(b) He gets car sick.
(c) There is no room for him.
(d) He is too smelly.

9. What is the favorite thing Dave's mother does for her family Chapter 2, Good Times?
(a) Creating new and exotic meals.
(b) Singing to them at bedtime.
(c) Washing and ironing their clothes.
(d) Praying with them before bed.

10. What is Dave's plan when he cannot steal food from school anymore?
(a) He gets food out of the dumpster.
(b) He leaves the school and steals from stores.
(c) He breaks into the snack machine.
(d) He steals it from stores on the way to school.

11. How does Dave feel about telling the story of his injuries in Chapter 1, The Rescue?
(a) He is reluctant to talk.
(b) He wants to get his mother arrested.
(c) He wants to tell everyone what happened.
(d) He is afraid that he will be blamed.

12. What does Dave's teacher, Miss Moss, start questioning him about?
(a) Why he doesn't do his homework.
(b) Why he doesn't take the bus.
(c) His mother's pregnancy.
(d) Why he is tired, the condition of his clothes, and his bruises.

13. Beginning in Chapter 3, Bad Boy, what does Dave's mother do on the days his father is away at work?
(a) She volunteers at the hospital.
(b) She lies on the couch all day, watching television in her bathrobe.
(c) She volunteers at the school.
(d) She goes on shopping sprees all day.

14. Chapter 2, Good Times, who is in command of all family matters in Dave's household?
(a) They all make decisions as a family.
(b) His mother and father make decisions together.
(c) His mother.
(d) His father.

15. What kind of a housekeeper is Dave's mother during the good times?
(a) She is a clean fiend.
(b) She rarely cleans the house.
(c) She cleans enough to get by.
(d) She is untidy and doesn't care about the house.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Dave gets home from school one day in Chapter 3, Bad Boy, what does his mother tell him?

2. What is the name of Dave's father?

3. In Chapter 2, Good Times, when does Dave's mom hug him, giving him a feeling of warmth and safety?

4. What is Dave's mother's favorite weapon against him?

5. What is Dave's mother's reaction when she receives a call from the principal about Dave's condition in in Chapter 4, The Fight for Food?

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