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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, The Lord's Prayer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dave's frame of mind when he sees his father leaving for work in the morning?
(a) He feels the warmth of love.
(b) He feels cold and hollow.
(c) He is indifferent.
(d) He hates his father.

2. What is the code of Dave's family?
(a) If they don't acknowledge the problem, it does not exist.
(b) Everyone blames Dave for everything.
(c) Only Mother gets to control Dave
(d) Watch each other's back.

3. What position does Dave's mother force him to do while the rest of the family eats?
(a) The prisoner of war position at the bottom of the stairs.
(b) Standing on a chair in the corner.
(c) Kneeling on the floor in the corner.
(d) Standing with his face against the wall .

4. What does Dave's father eventually do when he keeps losing the arguments with his wife?
(a) He goes to bed.
(b) He sits and cries.
(c) He hides in the garage.
(d) He packs a bag and goes to work.

5. What does Dave do to keep from screaming while his stab wound is being cleaned?
(a) Bites his tongue.
(b) Buries his face in a pillow.
(c) Puts his fist in his mouth.
(d) Stuffs a rag in his mouth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dave's father do when his mother decides Santa would not be coming to Dave?

2. During the good years, when do the holidays begin for Dave's family?

3. What does Dave's mother explain to her children while their cat is having kittens?

4. What happens to Dave when he forgets what his mother sent him to do in Chapter 3, Bad Boy?

5. What is the disgusting punishment Dave's mother invents for him when the family is vacationing at the Russian River in in Chapter 4, The Fight for Food?

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