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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, The Lord's Prayer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dave not mind running to school in the morning?
(a) He likes to stay in shape for the track team.
(b) He can play tag with the other children in the schoolyard.
(c) He likes to get to school early and talk to the teachers
(d) He can get there early enough to steal food from other children's lunch bags.

2. How does Dave's mother surprise him after he finishes washing the dishes in Chapter 1, The Rescue?
(a) She gives him a kiss on the forehead.
(b) She tells him she is proud of him.
(c) She tells him he did a good job with the dishes.
(d) She allows him to eat the milk and cereal leftover in his brother's bowl.

3. What does Dave's mother force him to drink that burns the flesh from his mouth?
(a) Lye.
(b) Dish Soap.
(c) Clorox.
(d) Ammonia.

4. When Dave's mother returns from the zoo, what does she do to him?
(a) Twists his arm.
(b) Puts him in a tub of cold water, forcing his head underwater.
(c) Pulls a chunk of hair out of his head.
(d) Slaps his face.

5. What does the principal give to Dave after the meeting in his office?
(a) A suspension.
(b) A detention.
(c) A letter for his mother .
(d) A tray of food.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Dave's best friend when he repeats first grade?

2. Dave's mother pushes her finger down his throat, forcing him to vomit up the frozen food he stole at school. What does she do then?

3. What is Dave's mother's biggest asset?

4. What is the one thing Dave wants, even more than food in Chapter 6, While Father is Away?

5. What is the disgusting punishment Dave's mother invents for him when the family is vacationing at the Russian River in in Chapter 4, The Fight for Food?

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