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Dave Pelzer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, The Lord's Prayer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What piece of clothing has Dave's mother made him wear to school every day for the past two years in Chapter 1, The Rescue?
(a) A shirt that is too small for him.
(b) A shirt that hangs down to his knees.
(c) A ripped t-shirt.
(d) A long-sleeved shirt full of holes.

2. Who does Dave compare his family to before the abuse started?
(a) The Ingalls family.
(b) The Cleaver family.
(c) The Brady Bunch.
(d) The Partridge family.

3. What do two of Dave's classmates tell him to do when they are on a field trip on a clipper ship?
(a) Kill his mother.
(b) Jump.
(c) Tell the principal about the abuse.
(d) Tell the police about the abuse.

4. Near the end of summer in Chapter 6, While Father is Away, what does Dave's mother send him to do?
(a) Deliver newspapers.
(b) Mow lawns in the neighborhood.
(c) Wash windows in the neighborhood.
(d) Grocery shop.

5. What does Dave bring himself to eat after he finishes the breakfast dishes one day in Chapter 7, The Lord's Prayer ?
(a) He eats food off the floor.
(b) He eats leftover pancakes out of the dog's bowl.
(c) He eats cat food.
(d) He eats the bread his mother threw out to the birds.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dave make sure that everyone knows about the scar on his chest?

2. What form of punishment does Dave get after his mother decides sitting in the corner is no longer effective?

3. How does Dave feel about the people around him by Chapter 7, The Lord's Prayer ?

4. What happens when Dave's mother threatens to kill him with a knife?

5. In Chapter 3, Bad Boy, what do Dave's parents do from 3 p.m. until bedtime when his father is not working?

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