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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the misshapen and hunchbacked man who approaches the Spartans?
(a) Dilians
(b) Xerxes
(c) Oracle
(d) Ephialtes

2. What is the Persian visitor traveling on as they enter into the Greek camp?
(a) Oliphant
(b) Chariot
(c) Palanquin
(d) Wagon

3. What does the Spartan soldier do to the Persian ambassador in response to his actions?
(a) Gouges out an eye
(b) Beheads him
(c) Lashes him
(d) Cuts off his arm

4. What kinds of shields do the Persian army carry, which are also not very effective against the Greeks?
(a) Wicker
(b) Palm
(c) Cloth
(d) Straw

5. Spartan soldiers swim and dive from a massive wall made of ____________ and Persian corpses.
(a) Supplies
(b) Shields
(c) Boulders
(d) Weapons

6. What kind of pushups are the soldiers in this chapter doing?
(a) Army precisional
(b) One-armed
(c) Elbow
(d) Bent leg

7. The iron clad ____________ of the Spartan army ensures no man will falter or flee.
(a) Commitment
(b) Stubbornness
(c) Will
(d) Bravery

8. What happens when the army begins to leave in order to protect the secret path, as revealed by Ephialtes?
(a) They all fall down
(b) The ground shakes
(c) The thunder rumbles
(d) Lightning streaks across the sky

9. In the Greek formation in #101, what must interlock in order to provide cover to the soldiers?
(a) Swords
(b) Helmets
(c) Legs
(d) Shields

10. What is the first formation the Greeks fall into when the Persians eventually attack?
(a) Lambda
(b) Alpha Majora
(c) Hoplite phalanx
(d) Delta

11. The narrow trail is near a cliff which falls to the ___________ below.
(a) Sea
(b) Rocks
(c) Grass
(d) Caves

12. A Persian ____________ travels toward the Greek camp in order to speak with Leonidas
(a) Ambassador
(b) Scribe
(c) Priest
(d) Soldier

13. The others in the army view Ephialtes' appearance with _________________ as he hulks over to see them.
(a) Humor
(b) Gratitude
(c) Fear
(d) Suspicion

14. Who is doing the intense physical training depicted at the start of this chapter?
(a) Spartans
(b) Young boys
(c) Leonidas
(d) Persians

15. The Spartans only need to defend a narrow strip of ______________ against the Persian attack when they are at the Hot Gates.
(a) Water
(b) Rock
(c) Grass
(d) Land

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Spartans pile into a slippery and unstable wall at the end of their victory over the second wave of Persians?

2. Who is watching from a distance and is becoming nervous that the Spartans might actually win?

3. Where are most of the Persian fighters forced to go when they are faced with the new Greek formation?

4. The overlapping shields of the Spartan soldiers create a solid wall of ___________.

5. Who wishes to have an audience with Leonidas after the fighting during the day?

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