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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Greek formation in #101, what must interlock in order to provide cover to the soldiers?
(a) Helmets
(b) Swords
(c) Legs
(d) Shields

2. The Hot Gates are a part of a massive cliff ______________ that blocks the path for many miles.
(a) Building
(b) Edge
(c) Mountain
(d) Wall

3. The Hot Gates themselves are a narrow ______________ gap at the base of a wall.
(a) Inches wide
(b) Window
(c) Tunnel
(d) Yards wide

4. What happens when the army begins to leave in order to protect the secret path, as revealed by Ephialtes?
(a) They all fall down
(b) Lightning streaks across the sky
(c) The ground shakes
(d) The thunder rumbles

5. Which force has been in hiding and is sprung as the second trap against the Persian special army?
(a) Arcadian
(b) Roman
(c) Anatolian
(d) Athenian

6. Who has since died in great shame, which becomes Ephialtes' motivation?
(a) His sister
(b) His mother
(c) His father
(d) His brother

7. Xerxes orders his personal bodyguard, _______________, into combat.
(a) The elephants
(b) The Immortals
(c) The Skulls
(d) The Jewels

8. Leonidas declines the offer from Persia, realizing his last stand efforts will make him eternally ____________.
(a) Powerful
(b) Fabled
(c) Famous
(d) Revered

9. Where are the Spartan defensive tactics centering on at the start of this chapter?
(a) Open field
(b) Hot Gates
(c) Goat path
(d) Sea

10. As a result of his deformity, Ephialtes, Leonidas tells him he can not be a part of the ___________.
(a) Battle
(b) Camp
(c) Phalanx
(d) Country

11. Who responds by hurting the Persian ambassador for trying to lash one of the army members?
(a) Stelios
(b) Daxos
(c) Leonidas
(d) Dilios

12. What does Leonidas see as a major flaw in the Persian king?
(a) Greed
(b) Pride
(c) Cheating
(d) Gluttony

13. Who takes the foremost point of the triangle in the new formation the Spartans take against the Persians?
(a) Daxos
(b) Stelios
(c) Ephialtes
(d) Leonidas

14. The Persian visitor offers to make Leonidas the _________________ of all Greece.
(a) Owner
(b) Dictator
(c) King
(d) Absolute warlord

15. The iron clad ____________ of the Spartan army ensures no man will falter or flee.
(a) Commitment
(b) Bravery
(c) Will
(d) Stubbornness

Short Answer Questions

1. The family of Ephialtes left ____________ and traveled north to get away.

2. Who refused to give up Ephialtes, which led to his being saved from death?

3. What does Leonidas order the Spartans to use as their formation when he begins to realize the power of the animals?

4. What kind of pushups are the soldiers in this chapter doing?

5. What is the second wave of Persian soldiers surrounded by as they come to attack the Spartans?

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