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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the important Spartan religious festival that the ephors say cannot be a time of war?
(a) Saturnalia
(b) Carneia
(c) Easter
(d) Gretisuis

2. The oracle also states that no Spartan army will ____________.
(a) Remain
(b) March
(c) Leave
(d) Grow

3. How long ago did Leonidas refuse the offer of the Persian envoy to surrender to them?
(a) One year
(b) Three days
(c) Two years
(d) One week

4. What is the year in the only dates frame in this first chapter?
(a) 420 BC
(b) 460 BC
(c) 500 BC
(d) 480 BC

5. Leonidas believe his army can beat the Persians with an intelligent selection of ___________.
(a) Terrain
(b) Men
(c) Magic
(d) Weapons

6. What do the Greeks exult over when they look out to the sea as they wait for battle?
(a) Blood on the ground
(b) Persian corpses
(c) Clear sky
(d) Darkness falling

7. What is the nickname given to the man who has fallen over because of the heat of the day?
(a) Leanoverus
(b) Dumlios
(c) Stumblios
(d) Lazyness

8. Leonidas believes he has brought more ____________ than anyone else.
(a) Truthful men
(b) Men
(c) Brave ones
(d) Soldiers

9. Which soldier succumbs to the heat, growing dizzy and stumbling around?
(a) Stelios
(b) Xerxes
(c) Ephialtes
(d) Leonidas

10. The ___________ King is in command of all of the soldiers who have finally arrived at the Hot Gates.
(a) Greek
(b) Roman
(c) Spartan
(d) Persian

11. The young boy in the story leaves ______________ in order to travel to the wilderness to prove himself.
(a) Athrurus
(b) Rome
(c) Sparta
(d) Capitula

12. What do the soldiers see driven to the shore? Elements of the ______________.
(a) Persian fleet
(b) Oracle
(c) Ephors
(d) Athenian princes

13. What does the person to speak with the ephors offer to them for their treason?
(a) Signed surrender
(b) Jar of earth and water
(c) Gold coins
(d) An elephant

14. What is the response of the ephors to the plans of Leonidas when he meets with them?
(a) They do not reply
(b) Maybe
(c) Yes
(d) No

15. Who orders the captain to stop the beating of the man who ended up falling down from the heat?
(a) Dilios
(b) Ephialtes
(c) Leonidas
(d) Stelios

Short Answer Questions

1. How long ago was the meeting with the ephors and the oracle?

2. What is the place where the boy leads the animal called?

3. What is the name of the Persian King who asks Leonidas for his surrender?

4. How many soldiers are rumored to be in the Persian army that Leonidas is planning on fighting?

5. When Leonidas announces he is going for a walk, in what direction does he say he will travel?

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