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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 - Victory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who leads the force of Arcadian Greeks that Leonidas encounters on his way to battle?
(a) Xerxes
(b) Ephialtes
(c) Daxos
(d) Stelios

2. The overlapping shields of the Spartan soldiers create a solid wall of ___________.
(a) Gold
(b) Copper
(c) Silver
(d) Bronze

3. What do the Persians fire at the Spartans in hopes of breaking them down?
(a) Arrows
(b) Rocks
(c) Fireballs
(d) Pieces of wood

4. The ___________ King is in command of all of the soldiers who have finally arrived at the Hot Gates.
(a) Persian
(b) Greek
(c) Roman
(d) Spartan

5. The messenger asked that Leonidas send a ________ of earth and a jar of water to the King of Persia.
(a) Tureen
(b) Cask
(c) Bucket
(d) Jar

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Spartans push at the fine army from Persian, causing them to break their ranks?

2. The next attack Xerxes orders upon the Spartans includes the use of ___________.

3. Which force has been in hiding and is sprung as the second trap against the Persian special army?

4. What are the loin straps made out of in the soldiers' uniforms as they march?

5. Who allows Ephialtes to speak with him in private about his wishes to be a part of the Spartan army?

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