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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 - Victory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Spartans pile into a slippery and unstable wall at the end of their victory over the second wave of Persians?
(a) Persian corpses
(b) Their shields
(c) Their helmets
(d) Persian camels

2. A Persian ____________ travels toward the Greek camp in order to speak with Leonidas
(a) Priest
(b) Scribe
(c) Soldier
(d) Ambassador

3. The Queen tells Leonidas he should come back either with his ____________ or on his _____________.
(a) Shield, sword
(b) Shield, shield
(c) Sword, shield
(d) Head, back

4. At what time of day does the Persian army attack on the second day of combat?
(a) Dawn
(b) Twilight
(c) Noon
(d) Dusk

5. Ephialtes is still angered by Leonidas' absolute ________________.
(a) Confidence
(b) Pride
(c) Arrogance
(d) Rejection

Short Answer Questions

1. Spartan infants who show any ____________ are generally left to die.

2. Leonidas quickly dispatches the ___________ to guard the secret path that Ephialtes reveals to him.

3. What is Ephialtes not able to raise to the proper height, as seen in his demonstration of his fighting ability?

4. The object of the march of the men is glory and _________ as they march to meet their enemies.

5. The men in the army are being led by a man who is playing the __________.

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