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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3 - Glory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leonidas believes he has brought more ____________ than anyone else.
(a) Soldiers
(b) Men
(c) Brave ones
(d) Truthful men

2. What Greek formation requires that the soldiers hold their bodies in a certain formation?
(a) Delta
(b) Hoplite phalanx
(c) Alpha phalanx
(d) Lambda Sigma

3. When Leonidas announces he is going for a walk, in what direction does he say he will travel?
(a) East
(b) West
(c) North
(d) South

4. Who is the misshapen and hunchbacked man who approaches the Spartans?
(a) Ephialtes
(b) Xerxes
(c) Oracle
(d) Dilians

5. The men at the beginning of this graphic novel are marching from where?
(a) Sparta
(b) Paris
(c) Rome
(d) Naples

Short Answer Questions

1. The messenger asked that Leonidas send a ________ of earth and a jar of water to the King of Persia.

2. What caused the destruction of the items from the question #68?

3. What are the loin straps made out of in the soldiers' uniforms as they march?

4. What do the Greeks exult over when they look out to the sea as they wait for battle?

5. Who refused to give up Ephialtes, which led to his being saved from death?

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