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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 - Duty.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The men who are marching are armed with short _______ and heavy spears.
(a) Bows
(b) Swords
(c) Shields
(d) Chain mail

2. Who gives the nickname to the man who has fallen down during their march?
(a) Ephialtes
(b) Dilios
(c) Stelios
(d) Leonidas

3. Who expresses dismay over how few soldiers Leonidas has brought to the battleground?
(a) Stelios
(b) Xerxes
(c) Dilios
(d) Daxos

4. What begins to turn into a violent storm the closer they move toward the Hot Gates?
(a) Soldier's moods
(b) Windy day
(c) Thunder
(d) Pelting rain

5. What is the color of the cloaks of the men in the army marching at the beginning of this novel?
(a) Red
(b) Yellow
(c) Green
(d) Purple

Short Answer Questions

1. Who orders the captain to stop the beating of the man who ended up falling down from the heat?

2. ____________ realizes the Greeks have no hope of surviving the battle before them.

3. The oracle announces that Sparta will ________________.

4. What is the place where the boy leads the animal called?

5. Who suggests the the King should be surrounded by bodyguards on his walk?

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