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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 - Duty.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the storyteller tell the rest of the men stories as they sit around at camp?
(a) To humor them
(b) To inspire them
(c) To warn them
(d) To educate them

2. What begins to turn into a violent storm the closer they move toward the Hot Gates?
(a) Soldier's moods
(b) Thunder
(c) Pelting rain
(d) Windy day

3. The object of the march of the men is glory and _________ as they march to meet their enemies.
(a) Money
(b) Pride
(c) Honor
(d) Blood

4. How many soldiers are rumored to be in the Persian army that Leonidas is planning on fighting?
(a) Millions
(b) Very few
(c) Thousands
(d) Hundreds

5. What does the boy return to Sparta wrapped in so as to show his victory?
(a) Nothing
(b) Wolf pelt
(c) A robe of leaves
(d) Cape

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the destruction of the items from the question #68?

2. Leonidas thinks that the __________ are decrepit old men who are completely out of touch with the modern world.

3. Who expresses dismay over how few soldiers Leonidas has brought to the battleground?

4. The oracle also states that no Spartan army will ____________.

5. When Leonidas announces he is going for a walk, in what direction does he say he will travel?

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