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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 - Duty.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the soldier who falls over because of the heat of the day?
(a) He is beaten
(b) He is killed
(c) He leaves the army
(d) He is kicked out of the formation

2. What is the important Spartan religious festival that the ephors say cannot be a time of war?
(a) Saturnalia
(b) Easter
(c) Carneia
(d) Gretisuis

3. The object of the march of the men is glory and _________ as they march to meet their enemies.
(a) Honor
(b) Pride
(c) Money
(d) Blood

4. What does the place where the ephors live emit from the rocks?
(a) Fumes
(b) Black tar
(c) Blood
(d) Poisonous waters

5. How many soldiers are rumored to be in the Persian army that Leonidas is planning on fighting?
(a) Thousands
(b) Hundreds
(c) Very few
(d) Millions

Short Answer Questions

1. Before the armies match to Hot Gates, where do they have to pass in their march?

2. Leonidas muses that his distant rival, ___________, has already refused the Persian envoy's demands, so he does too.

3. Who orders the captain to stop the beating of the man who ended up falling down from the heat?

4. What does the oracle insist must be observed as Leonidas goes to battle the Persians?

5. How old is the boy in the story of the wolf that the men like to hear again and again?

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