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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 - Victory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What caused the destruction of the items from the question #68?
(a) Oracle
(b) Persian traitors
(c) Violent storm
(d) Magic

2. The messenger asked that Leonidas send a ________ of earth and a jar of water to the King of Persia.
(a) Cask
(b) Tureen
(c) Bucket
(d) Jar

3. Who later tells the story of Leonidas and his 300 soldiers at the Hot Gates?
(a) Ephialtes
(b) Dilios
(c) Daxos
(d) Xerxes

4. What does the Persian Ambassador demand that Leonidas do when they meet with him?
(a) Kiss his hand
(b) Put down his spear
(c) Bow to Xerxes
(d) Kill himself

5. Who responds by hurting the Persian ambassador for trying to lash one of the army members?
(a) Daxos
(b) Leonidas
(c) Stelios
(d) Dilios

Short Answer Questions

1. The overlapping shields of the Spartan soldiers create a solid wall of ___________.

2. What does the Persian ambassador continue to deliver, even as he is hurt badly?

3. Where does Leonidas send the Persian envoy that is sent to collect the surrender?

4. Who suggests the the King should be surrounded by bodyguards on his walk?

5. Who orders the captain to stop the beating of the man who ended up falling down from the heat?

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