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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 - Duty.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of terrain is Leonidas leading his men over as the day continues to be hot and oppressive?
(a) Rocky
(b) Sandy
(c) Wet
(d) Slippery

2. Why does the storyteller tell the rest of the men stories as they sit around at camp?
(a) To warn them
(b) To educate them
(c) To humor them
(d) To inspire them

3. How many soldiers are thought to be in the area when the final Greek attachments join Leonidas and Daxos?
(a) 70,000
(b) 7000
(c) 3000
(d) 300

4. Who is the character who spins the stories for the men as they are at their camps?
(a) Stelios
(b) Leonidas
(c) Dilios
(d) Ephialtes

5. How long ago was the meeting with the ephors and the oracle?
(a) Two years
(b) Two days
(c) Two months
(d) Two weeks

Short Answer Questions

1. Leonidas muses that his distant rival, ___________, has already refused the Persian envoy's demands, so he does too.

2. What is the important Spartan religious festival that the ephors say cannot be a time of war?

3. Leonidas believes he has brought more ____________ than anyone else.

4. Where does Leonidas want to meet with the Persian army in an effort to beat them?

5. How many warriors is Leonidas going to be joined by on his walk away from his home?

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