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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1 - Honor

• A body of men is marching from Sparta.

• Dilios spins stories at night to entertain the men.

• The Persians and the Spartans seem to be at war with each other.

• Persia demands subjugation of the Spartans, but King Leonidas refuses.

Chapter 2 - Duty

• Leonidas continues to march with his warriors.

• The ephors told Leonidas previously that he should wait to march until Carneia is over.

• The oracle tells Leonidas the same thing.

• Leonidas gathers 300 soldiers for his fight.

• The Greek army surrenders command to Leonidas.

• The forces march into Hell's Mouth and then the Hot Gates.

• Leonidas sees that the Greeks have no hope of surviving the Persian onslaught.

Chapter 3 - Glory

• The Spartans train hard at camp.

• A Persian Ambassador arrives at the Spartan camp.

• The Ambassador's arm is cut off, yet he still continues with his request for their surrender and leaves.

• Ephialtes...

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