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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the killer notice when he enters the lobby of the building?
(a) The light.
(b) The smell.
(c) The dust that is everywhere.
(d) The cat on the floor.

2. What does the M.E. tell Lindsay when she says it is amazing that one of the bullets found its way into Tasha when there had been so many fired at the church?
(a) That Tasha had been shot from a different angle.
(b) That there is another victim that they have found.
(c) There were two bullets in Tasha.
(d) That the bullets in Tasha were different from the others.

3. What news does Jill have to share in chapter sixteen?
(a) She has got a promotion.
(b) She just landed a very important case.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She has cancer.

4. Why does Lindsay have the urge to touch Tasha's face when she is in the morgue looking at the body in chapter eleven?
(a) She looks like she is only sleeping.
(b) She has such a lovable face.
(c) She has a fleck on her cheek.
(d) She has something on her face.

5. What does Lindsay find at Estelle Chipman's crime scene in chapter thirteen?
(a) A picture of Tasha.
(b) A bulletin from Aaron Winslow's church.
(c) A two headed lion drawn on the floor.
(d) A shell casing.

6. What does Lindsay say when Claire tells her to send over Estelle's autopsy file?
(a) There is a court battle tying it up.
(b) They have lost it.
(c) The M.E. is refusing to let Lindsay have it.
(d) It hasn't been released yet.

7. What file catches Lindsay's eye in chapter twenty-four?
(a) The Poughs.
(b) The Americans for Constitutional Action.
(c) The Templars.
(d) The Fifes.

8. What does Jacobi answer when Lindsay asks if anyone saw the gunman in chapter two?
(a) One small kid saw the guy.
(b) They were in a car and the windows were dark.
(c) He was wearing a ski mask.
(d) Everyone hit the ground.

9. What file does Lindsay ask Simone to pull for the next day in chapter twenty-four?
(a) Mr. Chipman's.
(b) Aaron Winslow's.
(c) Tasha's uncles.
(d) Jacobi's.

10. In chapter eight why has the gunman chosen the arcade he is in?
(a) He is meeting a friend there.
(b) Because of the games they offer.
(c) It is close to where he works.
(d) He is the only white guy there.

11. What does Jill tell the other girls had happened about five years earlier?
(a) She had a miscarriage.
(b) She thought about adopting.
(c) She had been married once before.
(d) She considered a career change.

12. What does Lindsay say to tell Mercer in chapter twelve when someone says that he is looking for her?
(a) That she will get back with him the next day.
(b) That she is investigating a murder.
(c) To call her later on her cell.
(d) That she really isn't that concerned with him right now.

13. What does Lindsay think that Aaron Winslow looks like when she sees him in chapter three?
(a) Like he doesn't care.
(b) A man that has gone too many miles.
(c) A real life hero.
(d) Someone sad and alone.

14. What had happened to Lindsay's mother?
(a) She left town when Lindsay was little.
(b) Lindsay was adopted.
(c) She died of breast cancer.
(d) She died in a car accident.

15. What does Cindy tell Lindsay in chapter seven when she says that Mercer is telling the world that Lindsay is going to solve the case before it happens again?
(a) It already has happened again.
(b) She thinks that Mercer knows who it is.
(c) She doesn't think it is possible.
(d) She thinks it is a group and they are planning a wave of these attacks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lindsay's instincts telling her to do in chapter twenty-four?

2. What is Lindsay thinking she needs to go home and do in chapter twenty-four?

3. What does Aaron Winslow say when Cindy tells him she is a reporter?

4. What does the man say that he does for a living that owns in the house in chapter twenty?

5. What is the killer wearing in chapter twenty-five?

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