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LaSalle Heights Church

This place is the site of the murder of Tasha Catchings.


A Greek mythological figure, with the heads of a lion and a goat, the tail of a serpent, and the insignia of a white supremacist organization in California

Justice Hall

Home of the San Francisco Police Department, the District Attorney's offices, and the Medical Examiner's facility.

Pelican Bay

Name of maximum-security prison close to San Francisco and home of prisoner Weiscz, the purported leader of a white supremacy gang.

Parkinson's Disease.

This is the reason that Claire discovers in autopsy explaining why Frank Coombs could not possibly be the killer they are looking for.


Restaurant/bar at which the Women's Murder Club frequently meets.

Hotel Driscoll

Virtually abandoned transient hotel at which Officer Art Davidson is killed.

Hotel Wiliam Simon

Transient hotel at which Frank Coombs Sr. is living when discovered by...

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