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Tasha's Memorial.

A description of the glass that the church puts up is given in the epilogue. Create a drawing of this based on the description given at the end of the book.

Cindy's Book.

Cindy spends so much time interviewing the neighborhood where Tasha was shoot that she eventually gets enough information together to do a book on the events. Give the book a name and write a summary of the book.

Rusty's Diary.

There is a diary found in Rusty Coombs' room when they go through his things. Explain what is found in the diary and what it reveals to investigators.

Tasha's Song.

There is a local group that puts together a song based on the tragedy surrounding Tasha's death. Create the song.

Prime Time News.

Give a news report on the Chimera murders. Explain who was involved and get exclusive interviews.

Wedding Announcment.

Aaron and...

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