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Prologue and Part I: The Women's Murder Club - Again

• There is a murder that takes place at a local church and an eleven-year-old girl, Tasha, is killed.

• Lindsay Boxer is the lieutenant in charge of the case.

• Lindsay soon learns that the girl's uncle was a policeman and that there was another murder that may be linked to Tasha's murder.

• The other victim, Estelle Chipman, had a husband that had been a policeman.

• Lindsay opens a file on a group called the Templars and finds that one of the members has a picture of a two-headed lion on his jacket, just like the image found at both crime scenes.

• The killer is setting up his gun getting ready for his next kill knowing that everyone will know his name, Chimera, when he is done.

Part II: Justice Will Be Served

Part III: The Blue Wall of Silence

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