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Amanda Hodgkinson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Janusz, Bruno and Franek going across Europe in the hope of doing?
(a) Starting a new life.
(b) Joining the fight against Russia and Germany.
(c) Buying a farm.
(d) Escaping the war and wait.

2. What does Silvana find that belongs to Janusz?
(a) The letter Janusz wrote her, but never sent.
(b) A photo of him and Helene.
(c) A letter Janusz wrote to his son.
(d) The letters from Helene.

3. What does the doctor say will cure Arurek of his animal-like behavior?
(a) Therapy.
(b) Love, time, and security.
(c) Medicine.
(d) Electroshock.

4. What is Franek trying to do as Janusz and Druno eat?
(a) He is trying to catch a cat.
(b) He is sleeping.
(c) He tries to kill a chicken.
(d) He is playing with the pigs.

5. When did Janusz first see Silvana?
(a) 1938.
(b) 1940.
(c) 1936.
(d) 1937.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Hanka, Silvana and Aurek get food and shelter?

2. What does Janusz notice happened recently?

3. What does Aurek consider his father to be at the start of Pages 120-149?

4. What happens to the woman who is holding Aurek?

5. What do Silvana and Janusz try to hide?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Silvana disappointed in Great Britain according to "Ipswich"?

2. What does Janusz not notice?

3. What does Janusz try to accept when boarding a train in "Poland"?

4. What does Silvana learn after receiving a gift from Tony in "Ipswich"?

5. What happens to Janusz over a month after being knocked unconscious?

6. What does Silvana accidentally come across in "Ipswich"?

7. What begins to change for Aurek in "Ipswich"?

8. How does Aurek upset Janusz when passing a pub?

9. What happens when Silvana gave Aurek to a woman to hold in "Poland"?

10. What are young boys of Poland encouraged to do in "Poland, 1939"?

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