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Amanda Hodgkinson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Janusz say that both he and Silvana know is not true?
(a) People can adapt.
(b) People stay the same.
(c) People can change.
(d) People never stop loving.

2. What is stronger than Janusz's guilt over leaving his family?
(a) His will to live.
(b) His wish for a new life.
(c) His sense of adventure.
(d) His wish to get far from the war.

3. What does Aurek struggle with?
(a) Sleeping in a bed.
(b) Having a father.
(c) English.
(d) Going to school.

4. Why does Janusz think the house he bought is lucky in "22 Britannia Road"?
(a) It is cheap.
(b) It had a nice front door.
(c) It is in a good neighborhood.
(d) It shows little of the effects of war.

5. What does Silvana wonder as she and Janusz move into their own flat in "Poland"?
(a) If Janusz married her out of duty.
(b) If Janusz married her because he needed a maid.
(c) If Janusz married her because of her money.
(d) If Janusz will love their son as much as her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Aurek's friend's family from?

2. What makes Silvana happy?

3. Who finds Silvana and Aurek after the war?

4. What does Hanka want to do that causes Silvana feelings of dread?

5. Why does Janusz leave Aurek and Silvana in Poland?

Short Essay Questions

1. What comes as a shock to Janusz when Aurek interrupts?

2. What begins to change for Aurek in "Ipswich"?

3. How does Aurek upset Janusz when passing a pub?

4. What is Janusz shocked to find?

5. What happens when Silvana gave Aurek to a woman to hold in "Poland"?

6. Why is Silvana disappointed in Great Britain according to "Ipswich"?

7. What happens in "Spring 1946: To England"?

8. What does Janusz reminisce about in "Ipswich"?

9. What happens to Janusz over a month after being knocked unconscious?

10. What happens between Hanka and Silvana in "Poland"?

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