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Amanda Hodgkinson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What store does Tony own?
(a) A pet shop.
(b) A hardware store.
(c) A grocery store.
(d) A game store.

2. What does Silvana fear will happen?
(a) She will not find a job.
(b) Janusz will find her inadequate.
(c) Aurek will not become civilized.
(d) She wil not be able to learn English.

3. What does Janusz say that both he and Silvana know is not true?
(a) People can adapt.
(b) People stay the same.
(c) People can change.
(d) People never stop loving.

4. What is Aurek not ready for?
(a) To be a civilized person.
(b) To be the son Janusz wants.
(c) To be a friend to Peter.
(d) To be a boy.

5. What is Franek trying to do as Janusz and Druno eat?
(a) He is sleeping.
(b) He is trying to catch a cat.
(c) He is playing with the pigs.
(d) He tries to kill a chicken.

6. What is Janusz shocked about?
(a) That Silvana talks in her sleep.
(b) That Silvana is sleeping with a knife.
(c) That Aurek is still nursing.
(d) That Aurek sleeps very little at night.

7. What is Silvana trying to focus on to push the nightmare aside?
(a) Aurek.
(b) Janusz.
(c) The future.
(d) Her duties as a wife.

8. Why does Janusz leave Aurek and Silvana in Poland?
(a) To join the army.
(b) To try to find a house in England.
(c) To go away from them.
(d) To see the world.

9. What job is Silvana able to get?
(a) Factory seamstress.
(b) Hairdresser.
(c) Maid.
(d) Sales lady.

10. Why are Aurek and his new friend forgiven for their behavior?
(a) They are both war survivors.
(b) Their parents do not know.
(c) Their parents do not think skipping school is a big deal.
(d) They both find friends.

11. How does Franek die?
(a) He shoots himself.
(b) He is killed by a boar.
(c) He hurts his head on a rock.
(d) He drowns.

12. What is Janusz' hope for after the war?
(a) Live in Brazil.
(b) Live in America.
(c) Live in France.
(d) Return to Poland.

13. What does the neighbor agree to do?
(a) Give them some sugar.
(b) Bring them to the local grocery store in their car.
(c) Loan them some silverware.
(d) Take their photograph.

14. Where do Bruno and Franek convince Janusz to go?
(a) Russia.
(b) Poland.
(c) Germany.
(d) England.

15. What does Silvana do after the German soldier leaves the apartment?
(a) She barricades the door.
(b) She tries to find a renter for the room.
(c) She tries to find a weapon.
(d) She gathers her things and leaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Janusz happy about?

2. What do Silvana and Janusz try to hide?

3. What does Ambrose bring Janusz and his travel companions to do?

4. Who finds Silvana and Aurek after the war?

5. What does Silvana feel when seeing her new home?

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