22 Britannia Road Short Essay - Answer Key

Amanda Hodgkinson
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1. What happens in "Spring 1946: To England"?

In "Spring 1946: to England," Silvana and Aurek are headed to England on a boat so that her son could have a father.

2. What does Silvana try to push aside?

Silvana tries to push aside nightmares that she had from her years during the war and she had hope for the future of her family.

3. What does Janusz purchase for his family according to "22 Britannia Road"?

According to "22 Britannia Road" Janusz purchases a house for his family and he thinks that the house was lucky because it hardly showed the effects of the war. He hopes that the home will give his family luck.

4. What is Janusz shocked to find?

Janusz is shocked at how thin Silvana was and how her hair had grayed and that his now seven-year-old child is wild.

5. How does "Poland, 1937" describe Silvana's mother?

"Poland, 1937" describes Silvana's mother as being an alcoholic who grieved the loss of her sons who all died during infancy. Her daughter, who is high strung, does not bring her comfort and she wishes that her sons had survived instead. When Janusz and Silvana meet, they are instantly attracted to one another and start to spend more time together. At 18, she becomes pregnant with Aurek.

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