Objects & Places from 22 Britannia Road

Amanda Hodgkinson
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Poland - This is where the three main characters are from and where they do not plan to return because it becomes Communist.

Warsaw - This place is a large city and is the home to a couple prior to World War II.

Poland Woods - This is where two spend nearly six years hiding out of fear.

Marseilles - This is a French town where a man meets and lives with a woman who saves him.

22 Britannia Road - This is the address of the home that a character purchases before the arrival his wife and son.

Ipswich - This is a small town in England.

Felixstowe - This is a seaside town.

Italy - This is an ancestral country.

Refugee Camp - This is where two characters are found alive.

Wooden Rattle - This is something that looks much like another item.

Trees - These...

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