22 Britannia Road Character Descriptions

Amanda Hodgkinson
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Silvana Nowak

This person is a young Polish woman whose life changed when she became pregnant and married her boyfriend.

Janusz Nowak

This person is on a train with his unit when the train is attacked and stays in a dead woman's cottage before being found by two Polish soldiers.

The Second Aurek Nowak

This person is abandoned during infancy and is seen as a good luck charm.

The Real Aurek Nowak

This person is ill and dies when a woman carrying him was shot and killed.

Tony Benetoni

This person falls in love with a woman who reminds him of his dead wife.

Peter Benetoni

This person is chubby during childhood and it seems like he and another boy are each other's only friends.

Helene Legarde

This person cares for someone who becomes ill with sun poisoning and ends up falling in love with him.

Gilbert and Doris Holborn

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