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Short Answer Questions

1. After Jenks is arrested, what does Lindsay's doctor tell her about her red cell count?

2. Whom does Cindy ask for a copy of Jenks's old novel?

3. Where do Lindsay and Raleigh go for a romantic weekend away after Jenks is arrested?

4. Who discovers Joanna's dead body?

5. Who does Lindsay talk to after her disastrous doctor appointment after she returns to San Francisco?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jenks say when confronted with the photograph of him and Kathy together?

2. What was especially cruel about Jenks leaving Joanna?

3. What does Raleigh do when he and Lindsay arrive at Joanna's apartment after Jenks has escaped?

4. How does the Women's Murder Club react to Lindsay's suggestion that she has arrested the wrong man?

5. What does Jacobi learn about Nicholas Jenks just as he is emerging as a suspect?

6. Why does the fact that Cleveland wants to indict Jenks mean for Lindsay?

7. What does Jill share with the Women's Murder Club about her own experience with illness?

8. Why is Jill a good addition to the Women's Murder Club?

9. What does Joanna say when Lindsay asks if Nicholas is capable of murder?

10. Why must Lindsay be careful in her initial investigation of Nicholas Jenks?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze at least three literary techniques Patterson uses to make one character of your choosing from the Women's Murder Club very likable OR very unlikable to the reader.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss at least five reasons why the Women's Murder Club could OR could not work in real life. Make sure to use examples from "1st to Die" to support your position.

Essay Topic 3

Although the novel seems to conclude with all of the loose ends being tied up, the reader learns from the Prologue that Lindsay is extremely depressed by the time the story ends. Discuss what three things most contribute to Lindsay's unhappiness and why Patterson may have chosen to have his strong, intelligent protagonist so unhappy at the novel's conclusion.

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