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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Jill Bernhardt?
(a) The district attorney.
(b) The attorney general.
(c) A private investigator.
(d) The assistant district attorney.

2. What does the doctor decide to do for Lindsay when she visits after returning to San Francisco?
(a) Give her a refillable prescription for headache medicine.
(b) Send her to a hypnotist to help with her sleeping.
(c) Demand that she be taken off the case for medical reasons.
(d) Increase the number of transfusions she is getting.

3. Where do Lindsay and Raleigh go for a romantic weekend away after Jenks is arrested?
(a) Hawaii.
(b) A cabin in the country.
(c) A week-long cruise.
(d) A hotel right on the beach.

4. Where does Jenks escape from?
(a) An airplane.
(b) A chain gang.
(c) An interview with a TV reporter.
(d) Police custody.

5. Who invites Lindsay and Raleigh to the sporting event?
(a) The murder victims' parents.
(b) Their boss.
(c) The police commissioner.
(d) The regional head of the FBI.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lindsay tell Cindy about Nicholas Jenks once she sees the photograph Cindy finds?

2. Who helps read Jenks' book to get through it faster?

3. Whose houses does Lindsay send a Jacobi and another police offer to watch over after Jenks escapes?

4. Why does Jenks become angry with Chessy?

5. Who calls Lindsay after she realizes Jenks might be innocent?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lindsay think the killer, Chessy, is headed to the Palace of Fine Arts?

2. How does Lindsay start to feel about her illness after her doctor mentions she might need a bone marrow transplant?

3. What does Jill tell Lindsay and Raleigh the first time they come to visit her about the murder cases?

4. What does Jenks say when confronted with the photograph of him and Kathy together?

5. What does Joanna tell Lindsay about her relationship with Chessy?

6. What does the woman in the mirror tell herself, after Jenks is arrested and arraigned, as she takes off her makeup?

7. Why does Lindsay think that Joanna might be the real killer?

8. What does Raleigh do when he and Lindsay arrive at Joanna's apartment after Jenks has escaped?

9. Why is Lindsay's recollection that Jenks is left-handed important?

10. What does Jill share with the Women's Murder Club about her own experience with illness?

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