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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Cindy's original beat when she gets called to the Brandt murder scene?
(a) The metro desk.
(b) The politics beat.
(c) The education beat.
(d) The restaurant scene.

2. Who looks over the Voskuhl crime scene photos with Lindsay and Raleigh?
(a) The Cleveland police detective.
(b) No one; they look at the photos by themselves.
(c) The Cincinnati mayor.
(d) The San Diego reporter who broke the story.

3. What paper does Cindy Thomas work for?
(a) She doesn't work for the paper, she writes for a news blog.
(b) The Chronicle.
(c) The San Francisco Times.
(d) The San Francisco Daily.

4. What does Lindsay thing about the Brandt and the DeGeorge murders?
(a) That they are the last murders of a serial killer, not the first.
(b) That Raleigh has something to do with them.
(c) That they are not connected.
(d) That they are connected.

5. Who is Becky Passeneu?
(a) A teacher in town with a clue for Lindsay.
(b) A woman about to get married.
(c) A very rich lady who likes to go shopping.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

Short Answer Questions

1. What key items does Lindsay realize the killer took from the Brandt crime scene?

2. What does Lindsay learn from CSU about fingerprints at the Brandt murder scene?

3. Where does the novel's first murder scene take place?

4. Who walks past the hotel where the Brandts have been murdered?

5. On what floor is the Brandt crime scene?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lindsay thinking about as she waits to see her doctor for the first time?

2. What is the reader supposed to assume about the strange man watching Becky Passeneu at Saks?

3. How does Claire respond to Lindsay's news about her illness?

4. What causes Lindsay to cry at the end of Chapter 25?

5. How does Raleigh react to the DeGeorge murders?

6. What is Melanie Brandt doing when the murderer enters her hotel room?

7. What is the situation with the security cameras at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

8. What is Lindsay doing when she learns that the DeGeorges have been murdered?

9. What does Kathy Voskuhl's family tell Lindsay about an old boyfriend of hers?

10. What is Lindsay Boxer doing in the Prologue?

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