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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lindsay learn from CSU about fingerprints at the Brandt murder scene?
(a) That there were no prints of any use.
(b) That they found two sets of usable prints.
(c) That they found one set of usable prints.
(d) That the only prints at the scene were Lindsay's.

2. How does Lindsay feel about her illness?
(a) She hasn't really taken it seriously yet.
(b) Scared.
(c) Furiously angry.
(d) Excited; she will finally get attention.

3. How does Cindy get into the hotel to see the Brandt murder scene?
(a) She sneaks in and no one sees her.
(b) She lies.
(c) She pretends she is delivering flowers.
(d) She poses as a police officer.

4. What might have captured an image of the Voskuhls killer?
(a) A video camera.
(b) Someone's cell phone.
(c) The wedding photographer.
(d) A camera at a traffic light that catches red-light runners.

5. Who does the driver of the limo claimed hired him?
(a) Their hotel.
(b) A stranger.
(c) The mayor.
(d) Their parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Phillip Campbell stay for his out-of-town wedding?

2. What do Lindsay and Raleigh do for the first time while out of town investigating the Voskuhl murders?

3. What does Lindsay confess she is considering in the Prologue?

4. Who does Lindsay first tell about her illness?

5. What does Lindsay have a bad dream about one night?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lindsay's doctor want to treat her with blood transfusions?

2. What is Chris Raleigh's job before he is introduced on the Bride and Groom case?

3. What makes people realized that the DeGeorges are missing?

4. What happens to Lindsay when she goes back to the Brandts hotel room for the second time?

5. What two aspects of the Brandt crime scene does Lindsay notice that later become important for the case?

6. How does Phillip Campbell react when he walks by the crowd gathering outside of the hotel where the Brandts have been found murdered?

7. How does Lindsay react when she learns that her case files have been handed over to the FBI?

8. What in particular disturbs Lindsay about the Brandt murder scene?

9. How does Raleigh react to the DeGeorge murders?

10. What is Lindsay Boxer doing in the Prologue?

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