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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Lindsay request speaks to the groom's family?
(a) Jacobi.
(b) Herself.
(c) No one, since they are suspects, too.
(d) A random police officer she finds in the hall.

2. What does Phillip Campbell hand David Brandt when he answers the door?
(a) A key.
(b) A picture of him having an affair.
(c) A secret envelope.
(d) A bottle of champagne.

3. Where do Lindsay and Raleigh first go to discuss the wedding guest list?
(a) A coffee shop.
(b) A sushi restaurant.
(c) A Chinese restaurant.
(d) A donut shop.

4. Where does the family of Karen Voskuhl live?
(a) Hawaii.
(b) San Diego.
(c) Alaska.
(d) Cleveland.

5. Who does Phillip Campbell meet in the airport?
(a) Cindy.
(b) A young woman about to get married.
(c) Lindsay.
(d) His long-lost cousin.

6. What paper does Cindy Thomas work for?
(a) The San Francisco Times.
(b) The San Francisco Daily.
(c) The Chronicle.
(d) She doesn't work for the paper, she writes for a news blog.

7. Who do Raleigh and Lindsay speak with about the missing DeGeorges?
(a) An FBI agent.
(b) A private investigator.
(c) A CIA agent.
(d) The local cop.

8. Where does the limo driver pick up Michael and Becky DeGeorge?
(a) Near their hotel.
(b) At their parents' house.
(c) On the side of the road.
(d) At the airport.

9. How does Cindy learn so much about the DeGeorges?
(a) She does her own research.
(b) They are friends of hers.
(c) She follows Lindsay around.
(d) They are friends of her family.

10. What is Becky buying at Saks Fifth Avenue?
(a) A fur coat.
(b) A wedding dress.
(c) A business suit for a job interview.
(d) A small piece of jewelry for her mother.

11. Where is James when he is killed?
(a) Washing his hands.
(b) On the toilet.
(c) In his bed.
(d) In his shower.

12. How are the DeGeorges killed?
(a) They are stabbed.
(b) They are poisoned.
(c) They die in a car accident.
(d) They are shot.

13. What does Lindsay thing about the Brandt and the DeGeorge murders?
(a) That they are connected.
(b) That Raleigh has something to do with them.
(c) That they are the last murders of a serial killer, not the first.
(d) That they are not connected.

14. What clothing items is Jacobi trying to trace down for Lindsay?
(a) A strange handkerchief left behind at the crime scene.
(b) The wedding dress Brandt was wearing when she was murdered.
(c) A piece of lingerie that definitely was not Melanie Brandt's.
(d) The tuxedo jacket found at the crime scene.

15. Why does Lindsay return to the Brandt hotel murder scene after everyone else has left?
(a) Because Cindy told her to meet her there.
(b) Because she doesn't want to go home.
(c) Because she got called back by her boss.
(d) Because she got an anonymous tip.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Michael and Becky DeGeorge heading to dinner?

2. How do Claire and Lindsay greet each other when they first meet in the novel?

3. Why does Kathy join James in the bathroom.

4. What key items does Lindsay realize the killer took from the Brandt crime scene?

5. What is Lindsay's marital status when the novel opens?

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