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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, The Whole Truth: Chapters 107-126 and Epilogue, Coup de Grace.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lindsay promise to Melanie Brandt?
(a) That she will find her wedding ring.
(b) All of these answers are correct.
(c) That she will find her killer.
(d) That she herself will get married one day.

2. What does Phillip Campbell hand David Brandt when he answers the door?
(a) A key.
(b) A bottle of champagne.
(c) A picture of him having an affair.
(d) A secret envelope.

3. Who ends up shooting Raleigh?
(a) The police commissioner.
(b) Jill.
(c) Lindsay herself -- by accident.
(d) Chessy.

4. What is Melanie Brandt wearing when she is murdered?
(a) A ball gown.
(b) A nightgown.
(c) Her wedding dress.
(d) A hotel robe.

5. Why does Cindy get to go to the Brandt murder scene?
(a) She knows someone at the hotel who called her directly.
(b) The two crime reporters are already busy.
(c) She requested it.
(d) It happens at night and no one else is in the office.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cindy get into the hotel to see the Brandt murder scene?

2. What does Lindsay plan to do when she learns her cases are connected to the Voskuhl murders?

3. What is Jenks' first reaction to being question about Kathy?

4. What keeps Lindsay from telling Raleigh about her illness the first time she tries to do so?

5. What treatment does Lindsay's doctor tell her might be necessary after Jenks is arrested?

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