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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, The Whole Truth: Chapters 107-126 and Epilogue, Coup de Grace.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Nicholas Jenks famous?
(a) His music has won more Emmys than any other person.
(b) He took a picture just as Kennedy was being shot.
(c) He only paints with blood.
(d) For the books that he has written.

2. What food item is Jacobi helping Lindsay track down?
(a) The same kind of fancy cheese found at the crime scene.
(b) The same kind of champagne found at the crime scene.
(c) The same kind of caviar found at the crime scene.
(d) The restaurant that delivered the food found at the crime scene.

3. How does Lindsay feel about her illness?
(a) Excited; she will finally get attention.
(b) Scared.
(c) Furiously angry.
(d) She hasn't really taken it seriously yet.

4. How does Lindsay's doctor want to treat her illness?
(a) With pills she has to take 12 times a day.
(b) With accupuncture.
(c) With blood transfusions.
(d) With chemotherapy.

5. What does Claire do for a living?
(a) Work as a pediatrician.
(b) Work as the assistant coroner.
(c) Work as an emergency room doctor.
(d) Work as a professor at a medical school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where were Jenks and Chessy married?

2. What biological evidence does CSU find in Jenks' house that they hope to use as evidence?

3. What does Jenks force Chessy to do while they are having sex?

4. What does Lindsay promise to Melanie Brandt?

5. Who does the driver of the limo claimed hired him?

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