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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, The Women's Murder Club: Chapters 26-46.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Claire report she has a sample of from the crime scene?
(a) Urine.
(b) Skin.
(c) A tooth.
(d) Drool.

2. What is Becky buying at Saks Fifth Avenue?
(a) A fur coat.
(b) A wedding dress.
(c) A small piece of jewelry for her mother.
(d) A business suit for a job interview.

3. How does Lindsay's boss feel about the press coverage of the bridge and groom case?
(a) He could care less; he is really clueless about stuff like that.
(b) He is unhappy with it.
(c) He is glad because it means he got his name in the paper.
(d) He is jealous that Lindsay got more mentions than he did.

4. What food item is Jacobi helping Lindsay track down?
(a) The same kind of fancy cheese found at the crime scene.
(b) The same kind of champagne found at the crime scene.
(c) The restaurant that delivered the food found at the crime scene.
(d) The same kind of caviar found at the crime scene.

5. Whom does Lindsay invite to join her and Claire for drinks after discussing the DeGeorges?
(a) Lauren.
(b) Her doctor.
(c) Raleigh.
(d) Cindy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are the DeGeorges bodies found?

2. What is Cindy's original beat when she gets called to the Brandt murder scene?

3. Where does Lindsay live?

4. What paper does Cindy Thomas work for?

5. What is David Brandt wearing when he is murdered?

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