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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, The Whole Truth: Chapters 96-106.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lindsay's boss tell her about her suspicions of Nicholas Jenks?
(a) That he was the suspect in another murder many years ago.
(b) That she is completely wrong because he knows him personally.
(c) That he is very reclusive and unfriendly to strangers.
(d) To be cautious because he is famous.

2. Why does Lindsay return to the Brandt hotel murder scene after everyone else has left?
(a) Because Cindy told her to meet her there.
(b) Because she got an anonymous tip.
(c) Because she got called back by her boss.
(d) Because she doesn't want to go home.

3. What paper does Cindy Thomas work for?
(a) She doesn't work for the paper, she writes for a news blog.
(b) The San Francisco Times.
(c) The San Francisco Daily.
(d) The Chronicle.

4. How close is Lindsay to her family?
(a) Close to some relatives.
(b) Incredibly close.
(c) Not close at all.
(d) She hates her family and is actually suing them.

5. What does Lindsay have a bad dream about one night?
(a) Being buried alive.
(b) Getting shot.
(c) The killer.
(d) Never getting married.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Lindsay and Raleigh spend their time at the sporting event?

2. Who do Raleigh and Lindsay speak with about the missing DeGeorges?

3. What sport event do Lindsay and Raleigh get invited to?

4. Who does Lindsay tell everything she knows about the Voskuhl murders once she is back in San Francisco?

5. What does Nicholas Jenks do for a living?

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