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Knife - The Brandts are killed with this object.

Gun - The killer changes to this murder weapon when the last two couples are killed.

Tuxedo Jacket - The killer leaves behind this item after killing the Brandts.

Hair - This object is found inside the body of Becky DeGeorge.

Urine - The police find this item on the floor at the first two murder sites and assume it belongs to the victims.

Negli's Aplastic Anemia - This disease is caused by the body's failure to make red blood cells.

Blood Transfusions - To treat her medical condition, Lindsay must undergo these several times a week.

Security Video - Lindsay and Raleigh are able to identify the killer through this item from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after the murder of the Voskuhls.

Chronicle - Cindy Thomas is a reporter for this newspaper.

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