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The Brandts are killed with this object.


The killer changes to this murder weapon when the last two couples are killed.

Tuxedo Jacket

The killer leaves behind this item after killing the Brandts.


This object is found inside the body of Becky DeGeorge.


The police find this item on the floor at the first two murder sites and assume it belongs to the victims.

Negli's Aplastic Anemia

This disease is caused by the body's failure to make red blood cells.

Blood Transfusions

To treat her medical condition, Lindsay must undergo these several times a week.

Security Video

Lindsay and Raleigh are able to identify the killer through this item from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after the murder of the Voskuhls.


Cindy Thomas is a reporter for this newspaper.

Always a Bridesmaid

This is a novel written by Nicholas Jenks early...

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