1st to Die: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Lindsay Boxer

This character is an inspector with the San Francisco police department and who has been in homicide for six years.

Claire Washburn

This character is the assistant coroner who handles the first bride and groom murder victims.

Cindy Thomas

This person is a highly-motivated, young reporter.

Jill Bernhardt

This person is a tough assistant district attorney who takes on cases no one else will touch.

Chris Raleigh

This character is a police detective who has been working with the mayor's office for several years in an attempt to mediate damage in the press.

Nicholas Jenks and Phillip Campbell

These characters are both the same person; one name is this character's real name and the other is the name of a character from a story he wrote.

Chessy Jenks and Joanna Wade

Both of these characters have been married to the murderer in "1st to Die."

David and Melanie Brandt

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