1st to Die: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Lindsay Boxer - This character is an inspector with the San Francisco police department and who has been in homicide for six years.

Claire Washburn - This character is the assistant coroner who handles the first bride and groom murder victims.

Cindy Thomas - This person is a highly-motivated, young reporter.

Jill Bernhardt - This person is a tough assistant district attorney who takes on cases no one else will touch.

Chris Raleigh - This character is a police detective who has been working with the mayor's office for several years in an attempt to mediate damage in the press.

Nicholas Jenks and Phillip Campbell - These characters are both the same person; one name is this character's real name and the other is the name of a character from a story he wrote.

Chessy Jenks and Joanna Wade - Both of these characters have been married...

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