13 Little Blue Envelopes Short Essay - Answer Key

Maureen Johnson
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1. Where does Ginny go and what does she get there?

Ginny Blackstone hasn't been to the 4th Noodle Penthouse in over two years. Alice knows immediately why she is there, and brings out a brown package with her name on it, postmarked from London.

2. What is strange about the package and what's in the package?

The strangest part of the package she received was the fact that Aunt Peg had already been dead for three months, taken by cancer. Inside the package are a series of envelopes numbered from two to thirteen.

3. What is contained in the second envelope?

The second envelope had "Open Me On The Plane" on it, so after Ginny boarded, she did. This letter contained Aunt Peg's explanation for leaving and why she selected Europe. She instructed her to open the envelopes in order, and only after the task in the previous one had been accomplished.

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