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Short Answer Questions

1. "Andromache": Of what place is Menelaus king?

2. "Ion": What does Creusa put her baby boy in?

3. "Alcestis": What does Heracles seek from Admetus when he arrives at the house?

4. "Ion": Who tells Creusa that she will never have a child with Xuthus?

5. "Andromache": Which god does Andromache blame for her current troubles?

Short Essay Questions

1. "Andromache": When Menelaus refuses to give Andromache up, what does Peleus say?

2. "Hippolytus": What tactic does Aphrodite use to begin her plot of revenge?

3. "Ion": How does Ion come to the temple of Apollo?

4. "Medea": In what case are women deadly according to Medea?

5. "Alcestis": What is the argument between Apollo and Death about at the beginning of the play?

6. "Medea": Why does Medea think that Jason will eventually pay for his actions?

7. "Alcestis": What does the handmaiden think of Alcestis?

8. "Andromache": When Menelaus betrays Andromache when she leaves the shrine, what does she do?

9. "Ion": What does the oracle tell Xuthus?

10. "Alcestis": What has Admetus done before the beginning of the play?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are three types of irony and how does Euripides use them in his plays? Give at least one example for each type of irony.

Essay Topic 2

In "The Trojan Women", how does Euripides cast his emotions into the play? Provide three examples.

Essay Topic 3

How do the emotions of anger, greed, and resentment motivate the characters in Euripides' plays? Give at least two examples of each emotion as motivation from different plays.

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