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Short Answer Questions

1. "Alcestis": What is the woman dressed in when Heracles returns with her?

2. "Alcestis": Who helped Admetus cheat the Fates?

3. "Alcestis": Who is confused by Admetus's behavior towards Heracles?

4. "Medea": What has Aegeus been consulting with the oracle to discover?

5. "Ion": At the beginning of the play, what action of Apollo's does Hermes describe?

Short Essay Questions

1. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Why do the men capture Pylades and Orestes?

2. "Andromache": What does Menelaus claim when he comes to the shrine?

3. "Electra": What is the plan the tutor and Orestes make to kill Aegisthus?

4. "Hippolytus": What does the nurse tell Phaedra that love is dependent on?

5. "Ion": How does Ion respond when Creusa says that the gods may be to blame for their troubles?

6. "Alcestis": What is Pheres' claim about why he did not want to die?

7. "Alcestis": What does the handmaiden think of Alcestis?

8. "Trojan Women": What does Cassandra predict as the fate of Agamemnon?

9. "Alcestis": What is the argument between Apollo and Death about at the beginning of the play?

10. "Electra": When Electra meets her brother and thinks he is a messenger, what does she tell him?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Based on the examples provided in the play, what is the distinction made between following the rules and averting tragedy? How is this related to the distinction between nature and convention?

Essay Topic 2

Medea says women are disadvantaged. Explain Medea's reasoning. Give 2 - 3 examples of women in Euripides other plays that meet, or do not meet, Medea's expectations of women.

Essay Topic 3

In "The Trojan Women", how does Euripides cast his emotions into the play? Provide three examples.

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