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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "Trojan Women": The Greeks have assembled the Trojan women who were spared death to become what?
(a) Nurses and nannies.
(b) Wives.
(c) Stable hands.
(d) Slaves and concubines.

2. "The Bacchants": What does Pentheus say are dancing in the countryside?
(a) Maenads.
(b) Strangers.
(c) Syrians.
(d) Egyptians.

3. "Trojan Women": What activities are heard during the opening scene?
(a) Packing and moving.
(b) Joy and victory.
(c) Death and wailing.
(d) Happiness and laughter.

4. "Trojan Women": To what does Cassandra say she will be thrown to after being killed?
(a) The sea.
(b) The monsters.
(c) The beasts.
(d) The gods.

5. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Iphigenia was intended to be a sacrifice but was spirited away to where?
(a) Tarturus.
(b) Tarrgot.
(c) Taurus.
(d) Thessalia.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Iphigenia at Aulis": Whom does Agamemnon need to sacrifice?

2. "Electra": Who tells Orestes and Electra what the future has in store for them?

3. "The Bacchants": What is the name of the special staff that followers of Dionysus carry?

4. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Where will Iphigenia take the two men to clean them and help them escape?

5. "Iphigenia at Aulis": The prophet has said that the lack of wind is the work of what goddess?

Short Essay Questions

1. "Iphigenia at Aulis": Why does Agamemnon try to tell his daughter not to come to the camp?

2. "Iphigenia at Aulis": How does Agamemnon convince his daughter and wife to come to his camp?

3. "Trojan Women": Why is Hecuba enraged about being Odysseus's slave?

4. "The Bacchants": Why has Pentheus jailed several of the bacchants?

5. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Who is Iphigenia?

6. "The Bacchants": After the stranger escapes from jail, what tale does the herdsman tell Pentheus?

7. "Electra": Why has the peasant not slept with Electra?

8. "Trojan Women": What does Hecuba tell Menelaus?

9. "The Bacchants": What does the stranger convince Pentheus to do after he hears the tale from the herdsman?

10. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What prophecy has Calchas made?

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