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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "The Bacchants": What is Tiresias's main characteristic?
(a) Shortness.
(b) Baldness.
(c) Deafness.
(d) Blindness.

2. "Trojan Women": What activities are heard during the opening scene?
(a) Happiness and laughter.
(b) Packing and moving.
(c) Joy and victory.
(d) Death and wailing.

3. "Trojan Women": Before the Greeks take her to whom is Cassandra is a servant?
(a) The queen.
(b) The fates.
(c) The king.
(d) The gods.

4. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Who tells Iphigenia that there are two strangers in their land?
(a) Merchants.
(b) Locals.
(c) Priests.
(d) Herdsmen.

5. "Trojan Women": Hecuba laments the death of whom?
(a) Her family.
(b) Her country.
(c) Her goddess.
(d) Her mother.

6. "The Bacchants": In the jail, whom does Pentheus question when the women have escaped?
(a) His father.
(b) The army.
(c) The jailer.
(d) A male stranger.

7. "Iphigenia at Aulis": Where does Agamemnon put his family when they arrive?
(a) In the temple.
(b) On a friend's ship.
(c) In his camp.
(d) At the castle.

8. "Iphigenia among Taurians": What do the Taurians perform for their goddess?
(a) Human sacrifice.
(b) Food sacrifice.
(c) Plant sacrifice.
(d) Animal sacrifice.

9. "Iphigenia at Aulis": Who stole Helen?
(a) Calcas.
(b) Hector.
(c) Aulis.
(d) Paris.

10. "Iphigenia at Aulis": If Agamemnon calls off the sacrifice, who will do it?
(a) Achilles.
(b) Creon.
(c) Odysseus.
(d) Pylades.

11. "Iphigenia at Aulis": Who is Helen's Greek husband?
(a) Menelaus.
(b) Tallus.
(c) Dyometer.
(d) Orephanus.

12. "Iphigenia at Aulis" begins with a speech that has been what?
(a) Lost.
(b) Misplaced.
(c) Translated.
(d) Never performed.

13. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Once they are on the ship, what does the sea do?
(a) Swallows the passengers.
(b) Swallows the ship.
(c) Kills Orestes.
(d) Captures Iphigenia.

14. "Iphigenia among Taurians": In Iphigenia's dream, what do Orestes and Pylades try to take from the temple?
(a) The sacrifices.
(b) The gifts.
(c) The priestesses.
(d) The idol.

15. "The Bacchants": When Pentheus is told not to blaspheme the gods, what emotion does he feel?
(a) Rebellion.
(b) Peace.
(c) Sympathy.
(d) Anger.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What lie does Agamemnon tell in order to get Iphigenia to come to be sacrificed?

2. "The Bacchants": What did the women use to get the blood from the cattle off themselves?

3. "Electra": Electra does not recognize her brother and his friend at first. What does she think they are?

4. "Trojan Women": What does Hecuba bury with her grandson?

5. "Electra": How is Electra going to lure her mother out to her house?

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