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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "The Bacchants": What is the name of the special staff that followers of Dionysus carry?
(a) Staveus.
(b) Rhysus.
(c) Furrius.
(d) Thyrsus.

2. "The Bacchants": When Pentheus is told not to blaspheme the gods, what emotion does he feel?
(a) Anger.
(b) Sympathy.
(c) Peace.
(d) Rebellion.

3. "Electra": Orestes asks the Electra's peasant husband to go find someone he remembers. Who is the man?
(a) His old manservant.
(b) His old bodyguard.
(c) His old tutor.
(d) His old retainer.

4. "Trojan Women": To whom is Helen married?
(a) Jason.
(b) Menelaus.
(c) Agamemnon.
(d) Achilles.

5. "The Bacchants": In the jail, whom does Pentheus question when the women have escaped?
(a) His father.
(b) The jailer.
(c) A male stranger.
(d) The army.

6. "Electra": Who did Orestes and Pylades claim to be when the met the king?
(a) Priests.
(b) Merchants.
(c) Hunters.
(d) Travelers.

7. "Trojan Women": The goddess has decided to attack her former allies, the Greeks, because they have done violence to whom?
(a) The women.
(b) Some of her servants.
(c) Her sisters.
(d) Some of her children.

8. "Trojan Women": With which Greek man does Hecuba go?
(a) Odysseus.
(b) Ulysses.
(c) Tartus.
(d) Jason.

9. "The Bacchants": What does Pentheus say are dancing in the countryside?
(a) Egyptians.
(b) Strangers.
(c) Syrians.
(d) Maenads.

10. "Electra": Electra does not recognize her brother and his friend at first. What does she think they are?
(a) Criminals.
(b) Strangers.
(c) Beggars.
(d) Thieves.

11. "Electra": What does the king want the entrails of the animal for?
(a) Eating.
(b) Decoration.
(c) A sign he made a sacrifice.
(d) Reading his fortune.

12. "The Bacchants": What is the clothing of followers of Dionysus?
(a) Sheepskins.
(b) Cowhides.
(c) Bearskins.
(d) Deerskins.

13. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Of what crime does Iphigenia plan to claim the two men are guilty making them unclean?
(a) Fratricide.
(b) Homicide.
(c) Matricide.
(d) Patricide.

14. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Which goddess appears and prevents the king from killing Iphigenia and Orestes?
(a) Artemis.
(b) Hera.
(c) Athena.
(d) Aphrodite.

15. "Trojan Women": What happens to the citadel when Hecuba is done burying her grandson?
(a) It stops burning.
(b) It collapses.
(c) Nothing.
(d) It goes up in flames.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Iphigenia was intended to be a sacrifice but was spirited away to where?

2. "Trojan Women": Hecuba laments the death of whom?

3. "Electra": Who is Orestes' father?

4. "Electra": Aegisthus married Electra to the peasant so she cannot have what?

5. "Iphigenia among Taurians": What rank does Iphigenia hold as a priestess?

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