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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Iphigenia was intended to be a sacrifice but was spirited away to where?
(a) Tarturus.
(b) Tarrgot.
(c) Taurus.
(d) Thessalia.

2. "Iphigenia among Taurians": When Iphigenia realizes that one of the captured men is her brother, she devises a plan while helping them fulfill Apollo's orders. What will this plan help her do?
(a) See her father.
(b) Raise her status.
(c) Escape.
(d) Gain access to riches.

3. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Where will Iphigenia take the two men to clean them and help them escape?
(a) The river.
(b) The lake.
(c) The mountains.
(d) The ocean.

4. "Iphigenia among Taurians": What do the Taurians perform for their goddess?
(a) Plant sacrifice.
(b) Animal sacrifice.
(c) Human sacrifice.
(d) Food sacrifice.

5. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What is the name of Agamemnon's wife?
(a) Carmina.
(b) Clytemnestra.
(c) Chamomilia.
(d) Cassandra.

6. "Electra": How is Electra going to lure her mother out to her house?
(a) Claiming to be ill.
(b) Claiming to have information.
(c) Claiming to have a baby.
(d) Claiming to have a present.

7. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What does Agamemnon give to the servant to take to his family?
(a) His riches.
(b) His robe.
(c) Money.
(d) A letter.

8. "Iphigenia at Aulis": Whom does Agamemnon need to sacrifice?
(a) His daughter.
(b) His sister.
(c) His cousin.
(d) His wife.

9. "Iphigenia at Aulis": When the priest was about to slit Iphigenia's throat, what appeared in her place?
(a) A fawn.
(b) A sheep.
(c) A cow.
(d) A goat.

10. "Iphigenia among Taurians": What rank does Iphigenia hold as a priestess?
(a) Servant priestess.
(b) Head priestess.
(c) Under priestess.
(d) Novice priestess.

11. "Trojan Women": What happens to the citadel when Hecuba is done burying her grandson?
(a) It collapses.
(b) It stops burning.
(c) Nothing.
(d) It goes up in flames.

12. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What are the Greek troops waiting for while sitting in port?
(a) A good omen.
(b) Low tide.
(c) A leader.
(d) Wind.

13. "The Bacchants": In the jail, whom does Pentheus question when the women have escaped?
(a) The jailer.
(b) A male stranger.
(c) The army.
(d) His father.

14. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What history does Agamemnon discuss at the beginning of the play?
(a) His family and events.
(b) The Greeks.
(c) His world.
(d) The war.

15. "The Bacchants": What is Tiresias's job?
(a) Prophet.
(b) Teacher.
(c) Academic.
(d) Priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Electra": Where does Orestes plans to ambush the king?

2. "Electra": Electra does not recognize her brother and his friend at first. What does she think they are?

3. "The Bacchants": What tells the women to burn down the house of Pentheus?

4. "Trojan Women": The play begins after the fall of what city?

5. "Iphigenia at Aulis": The prophet has said that the lack of wind is the work of what goddess?

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