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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "Iphigenia at Aulis": Who does Agamemnon claim will rise up against him if he does not sacrifice Iphigenia?
(a) The Spartans.
(b) The Fates.
(c) The Greeks.
(d) The gods.

2. "Iphigenia among Taurians": What do the Taurians perform for their goddess?
(a) Animal sacrifice.
(b) Food sacrifice.
(c) Human sacrifice.
(d) Plant sacrifice.

3. "The Bacchants": Who has not respected his Bacchic rites?
(a) The Athenians.
(b) The Corinthians.
(c) The Thebans.
(d) The Dorians.

4. "Trojan Women": The goddess has decided to attack her former allies, the Greeks, because they have done violence to whom?
(a) Some of her servants.
(b) Her sisters.
(c) The women.
(d) Some of her children.

5. "The Bacchants": Dionysus's father is Zeus. Whom is his mother?
(a) Semele.
(b) Salma.
(c) Saraiah.
(d) Sara.

6. "Trojan Women": With which Greek man does Cassandra go?
(a) Heracles.
(b) Creon.
(c) Agamemnon.
(d) Soptoan.

7. "The Bacchants": What is the name of the special staff that followers of Dionysus carry?
(a) Rhysus.
(b) Furrius.
(c) Staveus.
(d) Thyrsus.

8. "Trojan Women": To what does Cassandra say she will be thrown to after being killed?
(a) The beasts.
(b) The sea.
(c) The monsters.
(d) The gods.

9. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Where will Iphigenia take the two men to clean them and help them escape?
(a) The mountains.
(b) The ocean.
(c) The river.
(d) The lake.

10. "Iphigenia among Taurians": What does Iphigenia feel as she prepares to perform the sacrifice?
(a) No pleasure.
(b) No sadness.
(c) No pain.
(d) No loss.

11. "The Bacchants": How does Pentheus disguise himself to go view the rites on the hill?
(a) As a shepherd.
(b) As a herdsman.
(c) As a commoner.
(d) As a woman.

12. "The Bacchants": What is Pentheus's role?
(a) King of Thebes.
(b) King of Sparta.
(c) King of Macedonia.
(d) King of Declean.

13. "The Bacchants": What kind of wreaths do the followers of Dionysus wear?
(a) Floral.
(b) Ivy.
(c) Twig.
(d) Olive branch.

14. "Iphigenia at Aulis": How does Iphigenia go to the altar?
(a) Carried.
(b) Unhappily.
(c) Willingly.
(d) Bound.

15. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What lie does Agamemnon tell in order to get Iphigenia to come to be sacrificed?
(a) That there is a present for her.
(b) That she is getting married.
(c) That he is sick.
(d) That he needs her as a warrior.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Iphigenia among Taurians": Once they are on the ship, what does the sea do?

2. "Electra": What does the king want the entrails of the animal for?

3. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What did Agamemnon do that upsets Achilles?

4. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What are the Greek troops waiting for while sitting in port?

5. "Iphigenia at Aulis": What history does Agamemnon discuss at the beginning of the play?

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