10 Plays Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Dionysus - This person is the Greek god of wine, revelry, and theater.

Apollo - This person is the god of the sun, prophesy, archery, and certain kinds of arts, namely music and poetry.

Agamemnon - This person is chosen to lead the Greek troops in the Trojan War.

Menelaus - This person is the king of Sparta and the father of Hermione.

Achilles - This person is invincible everywhere except his heel.

Neoptolemos - This person is owner of one of the Trojan women and his Spartan wife tries to kill the Trojan woman.

Iphigenia - This person is sacrificed to a goddess at Aulis by her father.

Orestes - This person is exiled. He returns and murders his mother and father.

Electra - This person helps her brother by killing her mother.

Aegisthus - This person is the product of a complicated succession crisis in...

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