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• "Alcestis"

• Admetus, before the play, has cheated Death/the Fates with the help of Apollo to prolong his life.

• Now Death does come and Admetus has to find someone to die in his place or else he will die.

• Admetus asks Pheres (his father) to take his place and Pheres refuses.

• Alcestis, Admetus's wife, agrees to die in his place.

• The play begins with Death and Apollo arguing; Death is gloating about claiming Admetus and Apollo says Admetus will cheat Death.

• The chorus talks of Alcestis's death.

• The handmaiden says that Alcestis has kissed her children goodbye and discusses how noble she is to die for her husband.

• Alcestis says it is her natural duty to die for her husband and that she does not want her children to be fatherless.

• Admetus agrees to Alcestis's request that he not remarry after her death, and Alcestis goes to...

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