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Obesity in Canada

Summary: Discusses the problem of obesity in Canada and describes how living in suburbia has exacerbated the problem.
Those of us that live in suburbia have not been as physically active as the "city dwellers." Three specific reasons that this could be happening are that the suburbia people are not located close to the counterparts as the "city dwellers" making it more difficult to walk/run/bike to work or the destinations. This makes the city people more likely to get the recommended 30-minutes of walking a day. It is proven that suburban people spent a lot more time traveling by their automobiles instead of walking. Studies show that "each additional kilometre walked per day reduces the likelihood of becoming obese by nearly 5%." Knowing this fact makes it easy top think that the suburban people wouldn't walk that far. They usually would only have to walk to their car. A final point could be when the foundation says, "each hour per day spent in a car increases the likelihood of becoming obese by 6%." This fact automatically backs up the last one, knowing that the suburban people spend up to that or more going to work in their vehicles.

The obesity rate of Canadian adult and Canadian children are very surprising. The article states, "Almost 50% of Canadian adults and 37% of Canadian children are now either overweight or obese." Factors about these alarming rates should be clearly pointed out. At this it is 100% necessary to get some exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Whether it is walking to close destinations instead of driving or taking a cab. In my opinion the parents of these families, could automatically cut down on the feeding of fast foods to their children. The families could also take walks together in the evening to get the needed exercise.

This section contains 286 words
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