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Obesity This term derives from the Latin (obesus, meaning "to eat up"), and it came into use in English in the early 1600s to mean a condition characterized by excessive bodily fat. Exce... Read more
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Dietary Treatment for Overweight and Obesity We rarely repent of having eaten too little. —Thomas Jefferson Americans have long been consumed with losing weight, seemingly willing to suffer d... Read more
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Political, Legal, and Social Issues of Overweight and Obesity The politics of obesity demand that we revisit campaign contribution laws and advocate for a government agency—independent of indu... Read more
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Preventing Overweight and Obesity As a society, we can no longer afford to make poor health choices such as being physically inactive and eating an unhealthy diet; these choices have led to a tremend... Read more
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Obesity Definition Obesity is an abnormal accumulation of body fat, usually 20 percent or more over an individual's ideal body weight. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of illness, d... Read more
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Obesity, Genetic Factors In the United States, more than 60 million adults are obese, meaning they are 20 per cent or more above the ideal weight for a person's height. Complications from obesity can ... Read more
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Obesity Obesity is defined as weight at least 20% above a person's "ideal": Twenty-40% over ideal weight is considered mildly obese, 40-100% over ideal weight is considered moderately obese, and more ... Read more
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Obesity Term describing a condition where the ratio of body fat to total body mass is higher than accepted norms. Obesity is a relative term used to describe the condition where the ratio of body fat,... Read more
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Obesity has existed throughout human history. Archaeologists have even uncovered statues depicting extremely obese people dating from prehistoric times. One of the oldest such statues discovered is kn... Read more
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OBESITY IS AN escalating epidemic of alarming proportions and one of the most severe health problems in the United States. Since 1980, when the number of overweight Americans hovered at about 25 perce... Read more