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Summary: Explores the impact of Slavery on the African continent, the African people, the Europeans, and the Americas.
Slavery is one of the most tragic incident in our history. It has had a major impact throught out the world. It may have been popular in the sixteen hundreds, but its affects still linger to this day. Slavery has had a major impact on the African people and their continient. Slavery helped the Euopean countries and Americas to prosper indirectly. Slavery has helped to developed "our home" and society as we know it today. We may understand slavery but we will never understand, why when one in power they take advantage and why minorites are always inferior, (scared of the superior)? Many negaitive and positive things has resulted from slavery.

The African continent was never the same after the European invasion. The African continent was a very prosperous one prior. It traded with many other civilizations. It imported manufactured goods such as colth, iron, and guns from Europe. Civilizations such as Ghana, Mali, and Sonhai were advanced. They had extensive trade routes in particular gold and salt. They had advaances in the math, sciences and architecture. They had a government were there was unity, a foreign policy, and a justice system. All this changed in a flash when the Europeans set foot on their land. The Europeans started to exploit their land. Eurpoeans not only profited from their resourses, but decided to take advantage of the people. This is primarily the start of slavery.

This section contains 237 words
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