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A Brave New World

Summary: My response to the story "A Brave New World."
Although this story may seem to "out there" to be considered possible, it is actually not that far off. With the current technology, we are able to make minor changes to unborn babies, and there will probably be a way to externally create a human life, no doubt, in the future. This is also where the problem arises. What is the correct way to create a utopian society, and who decides what is perfect and what is not"

This fictional story, set in a futuristic time, is actually not that far away. In a matter of decades, our technology will most likely be capable of this, and someone out there will have to decide if it is moral or not. The problem comes when making this decision. A vision of "perfect" is different in almost everyone's eyes. This vision will be decided upon by one individual who might not have the same views as the world around him. This will be the most obvious downfall and obstacle in this process.

Another problem is that although it could be called "utopia", the citizens have no real freedom. They will not be able to move up in the world, and will always be either mediocre or "super human." So in the end, this type of technology falls into the very "iffy" category of either helping life or creating life. We can choose to help current and future generations from illness, or we can choose to create a completely fake world, with fake people. Only time will tell what we will decide to use our technology for, and hopefully we will choose the right one.

This section contains 274 words
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