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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 67 pages of information about Grammar and Vocabulary of the Lau Language.

olu numeral, three, e olu.

   oluna ordinal, third, for the third time.  S. ’olu.

omae v. i., to weep.

   omaea v. n., omaela v. n., wailing.  Cf. oimae.

onionga, to mock, used with poss.; onionga ana, mocked him.

ono numeral, six; e ono.

   onona ordinal, sixth, for the sixth time.  S. ono.

ongataini v. tr., to vex, annoy,

ongiongi v. tr., to deceive.

oo a drum.  S. ’o’o.

oobala a shed, hut.

oofa- (na) approaching to, with child.

ooga v. tr., to be tied together, to incur a debt.

   ooganga v. n., debt.

oolo v. i., to be straight; adj. straight.

   ooloa v. n., straightness.

ooni adv., temporary, empty, idle, naked; too ooni go, fleeting.

ore v. i., to fail, to fall short of, to lack; ore fanga, to abstain from eating, fast; ore fua to be lacking; ore ana, to be lacking; ani ore, to eat and leave some over.  S. ore.

oro v. i., to be many; adj. many. faoroa.

oru 1. v. i., to blow; n. wind.  S. ooru.

oru 2. widow; qe oru, a widow.

oso (gu) n. food for a journey.  S. oto.

ote 1. plural article; ote ai gi, you women; ote ruana his fellows; ote geni women.

ote 2. v. tr., to fash, cause ennui to; gera ote gera, it wearied them.

ote 3. valley.

oto adv. perhaps; oto mone, is it so? denotes indefiniteness, used with ni following, tani oto ni saiai, certain persons.

otofa- (na) because of, on account of.


The sound represented by q is kw.  In the words from Alite given by Dr. Codrington in M. L., p. p. 39 ff. the sound which appears in Lau as q is there written as ku; e. g. kuai, Lau qai, Sa’a wai, water; q in Lau may represent w in Sa’a qato, waato; qalu, walu; Ulaqa, Ulawa.

qadangi v. tr., to open up.

qae 1. v. tr., to beat, strike; qae mousi, to strike and cut off; qae maeli to kill with blows.

qae; 2. qae tafusi, to strain.

qae; 3. qae kudona, guiltless.

qai 1. prefixed to verbs, denotes reciprocity; sua, to encounter, qaisuasuafi, to meet; manata, to think, qaifamanatai to instruct; liu to move position, qailiu reciprocally; mani, (Sa’a mani, altogether), qaimani, to stand together, be of help to.  The action of the original verb is enlarged and the subject included.

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